✅8️⃣ Amazing Science Fiction Drones

✅8️⃣  Amazing Science Fiction Drones

8 Best Sci Fi Drones!

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S-MAD stands for Sherbrooke’s multi model autonomous drone which was developed by the students at the Sherbrooke University of Canada.
Createk Design Lab from Université de Sherbrooke –

Sparrow Jumper:
As the name of the drone suggests, the sparrow jumper drone has two legs which allows the drone to land and also take off in the air.
Created by Matthew Whalleya, founder of a South African aeronautical company “Passerine Aircraft Corporation.”

This drone is developed by students of Singapore at the University of Technology and Design. THOR stands for Transformable Hovering Rotorcraft which means that the drone can transform from hover mode to fixed wing flight mode while airborne.

Alphabet Wing Drone
The Alphabet Wing drone ensures zero CO2 emission and is super environment friendly. The drone has a light weight design and can reach a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

EPFL Folding Drone
EPFL drone is developed by Switerland’s Federal Institute of Technology. The cool feature in this drone is that it automatically folds when it is not being used.

VertiGo is a drone that is able to travel on ground as well as climb and travel on the walls as well, commonly known as the wall-climbing drone. VertiGo is developed by a collaboration between Disney Research Zurich and ETH.

TIKAD also referred as the Future Soldier drone, is created by the company Duke Robotics in Florida. The drone can replace the soldiers in combats in order to avoid unnecessary casualties or life loss.

Kalashnikov Drones
ZALA Drones are made by a Russian company, Kalashnikov, with the purpose of protecting the Russian assets at the Arctic latitudes.

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