2/2/2020 star drones

2/2/2020 star drones

Since I’m kind of mumbling, here’s a transcript, more or less – Ok, it’s still there. It’s no longer the only thing I see in the sky – I see other stars that won’t show up on my phone. I see a star there and a star there… they’re not stars, they’re drones. In other words, I see two drones right there that are masquerading as stars – no, there’s three. There’s a third one. Now there’s a fourth one. So they’re popping up now. Pop pop pop pop

That’s the one that will pick up on the phone. And it’s turned on blast. And that’s the moon. That’s how the moon looks now on my phone. It’s an almost perfect half-moon.

And there’s the dazzle light, and there’s a plane flying across behind the dazzle light, blinking its light.

So it’s a dazzle light (the bright light) and it’s a street light, and in between the two are the red lights from the hospital where the helicopter landed, then took off from earlier. And there’s a plane flying across the sky, and there’s the drone.

1:54 I’ve still got my screentracker on – note: turns out the screentracker was on a screensaver between about 5:45pm and 6:17pm – this video is timestamped 6:10pm so it doesn’t show up on the flight tracker.

2:45 Now I see Orion over there – the fake Orion. All the stars are the exact same (I say amplitude but I mean magnitude) – the exact same brightness except for one on the bottom. The one toward the moon (in the place of Rigel) is slightly brighter than all the others but the rest of them are the exact same (magnitude) – three on the belt, then top and bottom – so that’s sort of a facsimile constellation. NOTE – in reality, there are stars missing from this constellation that would normally be visible, for example, when viewing the real Orion, I usually see a row of stars dangling from the “belt” which I mentally interpret as Orion’s sword – I have not yet seen this configuration in the faux Orion – maybe because the proximity of the stars respective to each other would make it more complicated to spoof. Also, when I see Orion in the natural world, I usually also see Taurus right afterward. I’ve not seen a spoofed Taurus yet.

3:23 slamming sound is someone throwing out trash

I keep watching the sky after this, but since it’s dark, my camera picks up very little. Doesn’t seem to pick up the airplane lights very well for example. The fact that it continues to pick up the light from the drone should indicate how bright the drone was turned up. Also, it did not shine like that all night; while I’m sure the drone continued to be employed, visually it disappeared shortly after this.

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