2021 Drone Show Korea opens to bring newest drone technologies under one roof

2021 Drone Show Korea opens to bring newest drone technologies under one roof

2021 드론쇼 코리아 개막…첨단 기술 한자리에

The unmanned aircraft we call drones… are going to be used more widely in our every day lives in the future.
They have many everyday applications already.
Today… there’s a huge gathering in Busan, South Korea… of companies involved in the making of drones and related technology, and they’re showing off their latest innovations.
Our Kim Do-yeon is on the ground there to see what they’ve got.
Do-yeon, it sounds like a lot of fun.

This must be the future Devin.
I’m at a convention center here in Busan… let me tell you these drones are going to change our lives.
Check this out… the one behind me is powered by hydrogen fuel cells.
That means it can fly up to two hours at a time… and carry a load of up to 5 kilograms.
This could change how things are done in many fields… including medicine.
One of the most famous surgeons in Korea said this is an exciting development for his profession.

“It means that this drone is able to bring patient’s blood samples. In other words, it can bring specific medication or medical equipment to the sea from hospital as well.”

Other technologies being showcased include military,… and an army officer told me that South Korea’s military drone technology ranks eighth in the world… and unmanned equipment will allow more efficient ways to conduct operations.

“Right now, the Army plans to fully push ahead with drone bot units by 2030. From 2018 to 2021, we believe we have laid a good foundation, and we will move forward from here to achieve it.”

Do-yeon, that sounds fascinating. There must be so much to see there.
Tell us more about the conference as a whole. How many different companies are there, and what kind of other technologies are there?

Devin, there are 134 companies and institutes here showcasing their technologies.
417 booths in total.
The motto of this year’s show is “Connected by Drone”… because the theme is to show what roles they can play in different industries.
This includes municipal districts using them to boost public safety and law enforcement.
Big companies like Korean Air and SK Telecom… are not only showing off their drones but also their new software products equipped with 5G that connect drones to control towers.
There are also smaller companies making drones for the sea, and they’re showing how they can help protect the environment.
The audience got to hear about life and culture aspects… like drone racing and drone soccer… with opportunities to try it out themselves.
Also many got to see drone performances with their own eyes for very first time.
Lastly, Drone Show Korea is organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy along with other ministries… and it’ll continue through this Saturday.
That’s all I have for you at this hour, back to you, Devin.

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2021-04-29, 17:00 (KST)

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