Do you know how to choose the right size motor for your racing drone or freestyle kwad? What do all the numbers on the side mean? How do I match the props and frames to the motors? We answer these questions and more If you live the FPVlife, subscribe to our channel to see regular FPV freestyle and drone racing content

The importance of the motors for a racing quad are pretty obvious They are physically what makes it go… well, along with the propellers of course The type of motor you will need all depends on the rest of your setup You first need to be able to read the markings on a quad motor This example is a Hobbywing motor

It is a 2207-2450KV While that might sound confusing, it is just shorthand for the specs of the motor If you’ve ever seen anaeronautical weather report, you’ll know how much pilots love shorthand It is quite simple once you know what the numbers mean The first number (without the KV) are the motor measurements

The first two digits are the width of the motor in millimeters As you can see, this motor is 22mm wide The next two numbers are the motor height More accurately, the height of the stators This one is 7mm

A larger stator generally translates into more torque, which is helpful if you’ve chosen bigger or heavier props The number with the KV is the rating of the motor KV is the number of RPM’s per-volt that the motor will do This motor is 2650KV Now this is where many beginners can go wrong

It might seem logical at first glance to desire more KV for more power But it doesn’t work that way for racing quad motors Using high-KV motors with heavier quads and larger props can burn them out Think about birds for a minute A hummingbird weighs less than an ounce and flaps its wings hundreds of times per minute Larger birds have more weight to lift up, but flap slower

This is similar to racing quad motors You need to make sure that the KV is matched to the size of the frame you have chosen and the props you intend to use We’ll give you some guidelines later in this video While these numbers are the most important and usually the most visible, there are a few other specs you should look at when choosing your kwad motors One of these is the current, or Amps

Find out the max operating amps for the motors Also check to see what the recommended LiPo size is It is crucial that your ESC’s can handle the power requirements of the motors you choose It is good practice for the ESC’s to have a 20-25% higher rating than the motors Always be conscious of weight in your drone builds

Motors that are otherwise identical could vary in weight dramatically And because this weight is at the outer extremes of your quad, the handling can be affected as well There are also wide variations in price and quality of motors on the market Make sure to research brands and models before buying Now you’re asking, “so what size motors do I need?” The most accurate answer is

"it depends" Here are some general guidelines to get you started As you will see, the prop and frame size help determine the motor size and specs: If you are flying 3” props on a small drone, a 1306 size motor with 3000-4000KV would be a good choice

Jumping up to a 4” prop, the 1806 size is very popular between 2600-3000KV A 2204 works well with lightweight 4” and 5” frames Going with a larger stator, such as a 2206-2208 size gives you more power for heavier kwads in a 5” configuration 2300-2600KV is popular with this size motor The power and responsiveness will also be something to think about

More torque means faster, harder turns and direction changes While this has obvious benefits for drone racing, it is generally not desired for FPV freestyle where smooth transitions are more important than fast times So above all, make sure your motor choice is right for what you plan to do Have any questions about motors? Let us know in the comments, or visit the Drone Racing International FPV Facebook group and find a fellow FPV addict that can answer your questions Don’t forget to subscribe to the Dronucopia channel for future drone racing and FPV freestyle content

And stay tuned for exciting announcements coming soon, online contests, and more As always, happy flying!

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