Amazon Says These Drones are in Your Wishlist – 5 Most Wished For Drones – I'll Help You Choose

Amazon Says These Drones are in Your Wishlist – 5 Most Wished For Drones – I'll Help You Choose

Do you have a drone in your Amazon wishlist? If you do, there’s a good chance it’s at least one of the five we’re talking about today!

According to Amazon, these are the drones you’re wishing for, so I thought it would be helpful to walk through 5 of Amazon’s Most Wished For Drones together! I created bullet point summaries just for you, my RCwithAdam subscribers and I’ve included Amazon links to all the drones we’re talking about, I’ve also scoured the internets to find the best review videos!

*keep in mind, Amazon updates this list daily, so these may not be in the same order by the time you watch this* 🙂

Check it out here:

BOTTOM LINE: Reviews suggest that this toy-grade drone does not deliver on the features it claims to have, and that there are better options out there for similar price.
Main Features:
* Folding design
* Brushed motors
* “720p HD” camera (angle cannot be adjusted during flight)
* Wi-Fi live video feed to smartphone
* Altitude hold
* 3 speed settings
* Headless mode
* One key takeoff/return
* 2 batteries
RCsaylors review:

#4 Holy Stone H700D
Check it out here:

BOTTOM LINE: Video quality is unimpressive, especially for the price (~$260). Though it’s not a toy-grade drone and does have some more advanced features like GPS, don’t buy if you’re looking for good image quality (simply mounting a good quality action camera underneath would produce much better video results).

Main Features:
* Does have a 90-degree in-flight tillable camera (not gimbal stabilized)
* Brushless motors
* GPS assisted flight
* Wi-Fi live video feed to smartphone
* “2k FHD” camera
* Headless, follow me, and other flight modes

Unboxing video:
Daytime Flight Footage:
Evening Flight Footage (showing video feed):

#3 Force1 Scoot
Check it out here:

BOTTOM LINE: Highly recommended. A fantastic drone for kids, especially younger children not yet old enough to to handle a drone that has to be piloted. Super fun (kids will freak out!) and could be a great gift.

Main Features:
* Kid friendly
* Guarded propellers
* Autonomous flight (no controller needed – hands free)
* Obstacle and height sensors
* Built-in battery with USB charger
* Very durable
* Toss-to-takeoff
* “Wow” factor
Amazing review video (if I do say so myself):

#2 Holy Stone HS720
Check it out here:

BOTTOM LINE: Decent flight performance, but subpar video quality (especially for the price). Don’t expect the quality and performance of this drone’s lookalike, the DJI Mavic.
I would SERIOUSLY consider the Husband Zino Pro instead for this price range (USE CODE BGZINOPRO for 10% off until Nov. 19).

Main Features:
* “2K FHD,” 90-degree tillable camera (not gimbal stabilized)
* GPS assisted flight
* Optical Flow positioning sensors
* “26” minute flight time
* Foldable design
* Brushless motors
* Follow me, and other flight modes
Review video:

Check it out here:

BOTTOM LINE: Appears to be a decent beginner camera drone for the price, though the video quality is very poor (which is typical of toy grade drones in this price range). Still, it’s probably not a bad option to get your feet wet.

Main Features:
* “720p HD” camera
* Wi-Fi live video feed
* Brushed motor, geared propeller drive
* One-button takeoff and land
* Altitude hold
* “G-Sensor” smartphone control

Video reviews:

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QUAD PROPS (my fav)

Main camera
Camera stand

Mandatory Disclaimer:
I participate in the Amazon Affiliates program, which means that if you click on one of the above Amazon links and purchase a product on Amazon, I will receive a teeny tiny commission (at no additional cost to you). Also, various other links listed here may be affiliate links, to which this disclaimer also applies.

**REMEMBER, always use caution and your best judgement when building and flying RC aircraft, be a good neighbor, and HAVE FUN!**

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