Attack of the Drones! Nerf Battle Ethan and Cole Vs. Machines

>> That's a really bad storm! >> All set up, fully charged, ready to go >> That storm is getting really bad out there

>> Yeah, I know right >> What are you doing? >> Oh, you know just seeing if they're all fine Tomorrow morning we're gonna go test all of 'em and see if they work >> That's pretty cool >> Look: Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Larger, Extra, Extra-Large! >> It's not that big

>> Well it's the biggest one we got >> Anyways, I'm going to bed 'cause the storm is really bad outside >> Let me check it out Storm is not that bad out there! [Thunder noise] Nah, let's just go to bed we'll deal with the drone in the morning

>> Alright [Thunder] >> Run! [Thunder] [Thunder] [Screaming] We're safe! >> No, I'm actually pretty sure lightning can still strike us in our bed >> Well, it can't last all night! >> Yeah, good point Good night! >> Good night [Thunder] [Thunder] [Raining] [Static Electric noise] [Yawning] >> Looks like the storm ended, but it's still like midnight

I'm thirsty What? Where'd– Where'd the drones go? What is that? I swear, I heard something! Oh well Good morning everybody! No, no, no! Get– No! No get away! Ahh! No! Hey, where'd you going?! Cole, come on! Cole! Come here! Stop controlling the drone! So we're gonna play 'swooping drones in our face', huh, Cole? This is not a good way to start the morning Cole! >> What? >> You know what? [Blaster shot] >> Whoa! What is wrong with you? >> Don't act like you don't know! Controlling a drone in my face! >> I controlled no drone in your face! >> Then who's controlling the drone? The tooth fairy? [Screams] The drones are possessed! >> Yeah, there's something seriously wrong with the drones Who's controlling them? >> I don't know! >> We gotta take them down! >> Alright, let's go Go! Go! Go! The coast is clear! [Whirring rotor sound] Where is it? Wh– [Screaming] >> I think it crashed! >> There's more than one

>> I need to arm myself! >> Hurry before the drone sees you! >> Alright, I'm good! >> Alright, on the count of three, we're gonna peek up >> Okay! >> 1, 2, 3! >> 1, 2, 3! >> You didn't go! >> Did you see anything? >> No, I didn't see anything >> Alright, let's check for real this time >> Aaaahhh! >> Aaaahhh! >> They're too small! I can't hit 'em! >> I'm out! >> I'm out, too! >> I got an idea! Watch out! >> Where are you going? Hey! Hey! >> Get them, Cole! >> Cole, it's useless! Just run! Are we safe? >> Let me check Yeah, I don't see them

>> Follow me! I don't know a lot about drones, but if there's one thing I do know, they don't like water >> Let's fill them up! >> Come on! Come fill yours up >> Oh! Let's handle the drone's out Cole, go open the door One drone down

Get it! >> There's another one! [Screaming] That's solves that >> Yeah Look, do you have a feeling something's watching you? >> Yeah, maybe a little bit Do you hear that? >> Whoa! >> Whoa! Get it! [Splash] >> There that goes >> How many drones did you have? >> About one, two, three

Wait a second! Hey guys! Comment of the week comes from: GOOS3 23! “Why do you always shout so much in your videos? It's kind of annoying“ Sorry we didn't mean to annoy you! >> It's just what we do, man! Picture of the week comes from: >> KJ! He's got the new blaster! What is it called? >> Wait, maybe we have it back here >> This is called like the ‘Surgefire’ or something

It's not back there I don't know where it is Okay About two more weeks to get your dog tags Ohh! These are all messed up dog tags Sorry Aaron, Henry >> Sorry Ben

There's a ton of you guys out there! A ton! So, if you want dog tags, about two more weeks Subscribe to our Instagram page and our Facebook page or there's a link below >> Give us a thumbs up or 1,000 times or something, please? Click on our faces to subscribe and we'll see you all next time!

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