Best Beginner Drones with Camera – Which DJI Drone to Buy

are you looking for a good beginner drone with a camera well in today's video I'm gonna be talking about my top 3 good beginner drones with a camera that you can buy right now so stay tuned hi everyone its Dennis here on this channel I do drone videos and product reviews so if you're new here consider subscribing oh by the way at any point during this video do check out my notes and links down the YouTube description below I'll list down all the drones that I talked about and anything else that I forget just a quick disclaimer I've tested quite a few drones over the last 18 months I personally own both drones myself this video is about my personal recommendations suggestions opinions so feel free to comment down below if you agree disagree primarily the products that I'm gonna be talking about or recommending there are mostly DJI products I will also mention a couple of other brands just to give you some options Oh before I forget beginner drones doesn't necessarily mean a cheap drone if you want a cheap drone to play around with your better buying like a SYMA X20 or any of these smaller drones this will give you an idea on how to use the controls will give you an idea on how to fly costs too much it doesn't break the bank the only downside will be for this type of drones the flight time could be less than five minutes or so the three drones I'll be recommending the DJI spark the DJI phantom 3 standard and the DJI Mavic Pro so first off DJI spark very popular when it came out it's small and compact it's a portable there's a lot of features some of the intelligent flight modes are available for the DJI spark I'm testing the spark I played around with it it's small in size you can bring it anywhere things that you might need to know is it only has two axis gimbal 1080p flight time is about 15 minutes but realistically it's about 10 minutes that's from my experience and if you don't have them more control the range is one of the main competitor of this part is the Yuneec breeze it's sort of similar in size and spark it can do 4k the Yuneec breeze flight time is about 12 minutes again do check it out the Yuneec breeze I'll link it down below next up is the Phantom 3 standard I've owned the phantom 3 standard for about a year and a bit now that was the first DJI product I bought it's a good drone to start off with relatively affordable now that you can shoot up to 27 K it's stable it's 30 it's advertised the flight times but 25 minutes personally takes about 20 21 minutes comes with a controller huge controller there's plenty of moths around that you can do the only thing that doesnt sit well to some is its size because it's big it's less portable especially if you like to travel around the world you don't want to be long in this and that's an extra sort of carry-on bag or checking back range is quite limited now one kilometer may be good enough for some like for me one kilometer is fine but for some others and they want longer range if you want to see my review and sound the video footage using the find three standard I will link it down below the last drone that I'm recommending is the Mavic Pro can do 4K it's portable decent battery life the range is relatively good 13 kilometers this one I need a separate bag this one I don't need to separate back this remote control was it's portable it's small sometimes I struggle to connect that in like compared to a phantom 3 standard all I need to do really is clamp that in and boom away we go I can just simply check that off or let's say I'm switching between my iPhone and Samsung phones used to use the drone then I'll just switch it up relatively easily through the camp the Maverick Pro I have to shove that in there have to take the the cover or sort of the case I even need to take the iPhone case or the Samsung case chop that in there connect it there this one's a lot easier to set up you just fold the wings where we go I've tested it out you can see my unboxing and sort of initial review on link it down below check out some of my footage in there it's absolutely stunning 4k video good thing about this it's portable I can bring air around it has a longer flight time than this part sort of comparable to the phantom 3 standard another alternative for the magnet pro would be the GoPro karma drone comes with the GoPro grip and also the GoPro itself if you buy that package it works well it has its own controller it has a big controller it's good it has a couple of intelligent flight features similar to the DJI drone again it really comes down to your personal preference another alternative that that people are sort of raving about is the parrot bebop 2 I think that sort of sits in between the spark and the magic Pro it's relatively affordable you can do about 25 minutes flat time can only do 1080p though get it slide it's another brand that you can sort of want to check it out I personally haven't flew that one but I've seen some footage of reviews about it out of this 3 if you're traveling a lot especially overseas that spark or the Maverick Pro is the one for you hands down because of its portability it really comes down to your budget whether you want to spend extra to get the Mavic Pro with 4k but in terms of bang for your buck value and you don't think that you'll be traveling a lot and you're only gonna be traveling domestically or somewhere here in your local area that the phantom 3 standard is good enough it can do 2

7 K 3 axis gimbal good range again the portability you can buy a soft shell back the only thing is it's an extra luggage for you again end of the day and do your own research and you get to make sure that you're comfortable on the drum that you're born question of the day if you think of another good bigger drone aside from the ones that I mentioned do comment down below would love to it from you especially the drone to meet you thank you for watching hope this video gives you an idea or some of the good beginner drones for the camera that you can buy right now if you enjoyed this video give it a like I really appreciate it and subscribe to my channel for more videos get this is Dennis and I'll see you all next time it's definitely plenty of planes flying around see here there okay any minute now you

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