Best Drone for Beginners with HD Camera – Syma X56W Drone from DoDoeleph || Keith’s Toy Box

Keith's Toy Box! Hi everyone and welcome to Keith's Toy Box Today's surprise toy is The new Syma X56W drone with HD Wi-Fi camera! It's a folding drone and you can even view the video real-time from your phone via an app

Thanks to Syma for sending this to us So let's open it and check it out Here's the remote extra blades the drone and other parts including the charger The drone comes folded and the yellow band provides instructions on how to unfold it Just press the button on the bottom while holding the shaft

Awesome! There you go! Now, let's attach the protective bars There! All done! Looks awesome Now here's the drone's camera Here's the remote control Now you can attach your phone to the remote control using the included phone holder so you can view the video real-time right from your remote control

Here's the free app The app comes with its own remote control so you can fly the drone even without the transmitter It even has super cool functions Including the ability to draw a flight trajectory on the phone that the drone will follow First, charge the battery for one and a half to two hours Then, put it in the drone and turn it on

This will be good for about seven minutes of flying time Awesome! LED lights let you fly even at night With an altitude hold function and a one key take off and landing, it makes the drone easy for anyone to fly Now it's time to pilot outdoors Awesome flip! So that's the Syma X56W Folding Drone with HD Wi-Fi camera! Thanks to Syma for sending this to us! Hit the thumbs up icon or tell us what you think in the comments below Thanks for watching Keith's Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos

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