TOP 7: Best Racing Drones 2020
1. ARRIS X220 V2:
2. Bolt Drone FPV:
3. Hubsan H122D X4:
4. ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2:
5. Holy Stone HS150:
6. Fat Shark FPV:
7. Holy Stone HS720:

7. Holy Stone HS720: This drone comes with an optimized full HD Camera built with a Shock Absorption holder that ensures shooting 3840 x 2160 high-resolution images and videos without camera vibration. It provides 5GHz FPV transmission, and a 90°adjustable lens enables you to see the world from a different angle. This drone returns automatically whenever the battery is low, the signal is lost, or you press one key return.

6. Fat Shark FPV: It is designed to provide you with an intermediate racing drone capable of training new pilots and taking on the competition race day. For a more immersive experience, you can also utilize an optional Fat Shark headset to receive first-person video footage directly from the Shark Quad’s built-in camera and its two-band, eight-channel video broadcasting capabilities. It cuts through the sky on four 8520 brushed 8.5mm 8.5V motors, while you control the action with the midsize controller and twin, professional-grade gimbal sticks.

5. Holy Stone HS150: It offers high power motors for quick acceleration, which achieves 50km/h High Speed within seconds, giving a more immersive experience. This drone comes with 2PCS of Modular Li-Po Battery, high-performance, which doubles your quadcopter’s flight time. You can implement various flight movements and continuous roll for great action.

4. ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2: The ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 FPV Quadcopter Racing Drone comes with a smooth and robust motor that has high efficiency and long working life. Its propeller is very powerful and well balanced and has a 10% higher ability than standard propellers. It uses Radiolink AT9S 10 Channel radio that supports SBUS, PPM, and PWM signal. The controllable range of the radio is about 900 meters ground and 1500 meters air.

3. Hubsan H122D X4: This is a Ready-to-Fly racing drone capable of offering you an FPV experience with a pair of goggles. Video is captured with the built-in 720p HD camera and streamed in real-time via a 5.4 GHz wireless signal. You can control the H122D from up to 328′ away with the included remote controller. The controller’s commands are sent via a 2.4 GHz wireless signal which does not interfere with the video transmission.

2. Bolt Drone FPV: Meet up the all-new Bolt Drone FPV Racing Drone. It features a unique and innovative FPV viewing system that allows a seamless transition from traditional viewing on the controller to FPV viewing using goggles. Slide the screen into the goggles for FPV piloting & racing, or swap it back to the controller for recreational flying and experience virtual reality flying.

1. ARRIS X220 V2: The drone’s highlighted feature is that it has an “X” symmetrical design that comes with the chamfered edge design on the arm, which gives the quad a sleek look. It is made of pure carbon fiber with alloy pats, and the weight is quite light, and it is easy to maintain. This drone has a high-end brushless motor that is specially designed for high-performance FPV racing drones.

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