BONUS: How to conduct search and rescue missions with drones

BONUS: How to conduct search and rescue missions with drones

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00:24 – Paul introduces PJ KirkPatrick from Terra Vigilis
00:35 – Discussing how a Search and Rescue mission going wrong highlighted the need for proper protocols
02:26 – PJ shares information about his Search and Rescue (SAR) mission
03:00 – Learn why PJ could not use thermal cameras on his SAR mission
04:28 – Learn how PJ zeroed in on the search area for his SAR mission
06:25 – At what elevation did PJ fly for this Search and Rescue mission?
07:56 – PJ rolls out various statistics pertaining to his SAR mission; learn about area covered, images captured and total time in the air
08:31 – PJ shares a simulation of his mission images
08:51 – What challenge did PJ face while manually reviewing images?
10:32 – PJ highlights the importance of collaborating with local law enforcement officials
11:07 – Did PJ end up finding the person? Where was the individual finally located?
11:46 – Key takeaways from PJ’s Search and Rescue mission
12:30 – Highlighting the huge responsibility that comes with taking on a Search and Rescue mission
12:56 – We speculate if there are better ways to conduct a Search and Rescue mission
15:00 – Learn how PJ managed to locate a software capable of scanning and recognizing individual color profiles; can PJ’s find significantly bring down the total search and rescue time?
20:01 – PJ shares how he has been testing the capabilities of this new software
20:30 – Which drone is ideal for Search and Rescue missions?
21:53 – PJ shares his contact information

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