Boston Dynamics Future Wars Military Robot The AlphaDog!!!

Boston Dynamics Future Wars Military Robot The AlphaDog!!!

Boston Dynamics Future Wars Military Robot The AlphaDog!!!

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Watch Future Wars Military Robot The AlphaDog!!!



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Meet AlphaDog for the Legged Squad Support System.

AlphaDog robot developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA and the US Marine Corps.

AlphaDog robot will carry 400 lbs of payload on 20-mile missions in rough terrain.

AlphaDog draw power from an internal combustion engine

AlphaDog designed to be 10x quieter than BigDog engine

AlphaDog have a sensor head packed with terrain sensors.

Boston Dynamics leads a development team that includes AAI Corp, Bell Helicopter, CMU/NREC, FEV, JPL and Woodward HRT.

Source : Boston Dynamics

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بوسطن ديناميات المستقبل الحروب العسكرية الروبوت ألفادوغ


Бостонская динамика Будущие войны Военный робот AlphaDog.


Note: The world is evolving and changing at a super fast in Robot Technology and inventions. Our technological advances are racing ahead! From mega fighting robot wars challenges between the USA and Japan to running robots being created for the military, 2017 is sure to have a world of surprises in technological leaps and bounds in regards to advancements.But not all technology is meant to be terrifying! Some of the most amazing advancements are those in home robotics, such as having an at home robot assistant that learns everything it can about you to serve you better!

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