Building Your First Racing Drone | Drone Racing Report | Vol 17

Make sure to subscribe to our channel for regular drone racing and fpv freestyle content Building your own drone from scratch is the best way to fully understand all the parts of a racing quad and how they interact

Here is a quick overview of all the tools and parts you’ll need for building your first drone Aside from the drone itself, you will need some batteries and a battery charger You also need to have a radio transmitter to control your quad, and some FPV goggles or an LCD screen to view the FPV camera feed Before you can begin, you need to have some tools on hand for building your drone Basic tools like pliers and screwdrivers will be required

Drone parts can be tiny, so make sure the tools are sized accordingly A hex set will also be necessary for putting together most quads Invest in a good quality soldering iron This can make a big difference in the quality and durability of your solder welds You will of course need solder also, as well as electrical tape, shrink tubing, zip-ties, and wire-strippers

Over time you can add other tools and accessories, such as a set of helping hands and magnifying glass A well-lit work area is also a must We also highly recommend starting out with a multimeter to help you test components and connections When starting a build, you will need to have all the necessary wire, wire harnesses, battery connectors, and other electrical connections required to complete the build Always plan out your diagram and all the electrical connections

This will help you with the physical layout of all the components, and also ensures nothing is missed You may also find it easier to solder some of the connections and components before mounting them on the frame Once your flight controller and other electrical components are prepped, it is time to prepare and assemble the frame It is good practice to look for any burrs or sharp edges in the carbon fibre and sand them off Assemble the parts of the frame, and make sure all the screws are tight

You can now mount the flight controller, followed by the motors Double-check the motor threads to ensure that you install the proper motor in each location The motors should be fastened tightly to the frame with a touch of loctite added to the threads If you’re using separate ESC’s for each motor, now is the time to attach them to the frame arms and make the connections from your FC and also to the motors Pay attention to the polarity of the wires as this will alter the spin direction of the motor

After everything is wired and tested, you can also wrap in electrical tape for protection Plastic covers are very useful for protecting the ESC’s from damage in a crash Connect your video receiver, video transmitter and FPV camera to the FC if you haven’t already done so, and any other remaining components such as voltage alarms Mount them securely to the frame, and finish installing any remaining frame parts such as standoffs and covers This is a good time to connect a battery and test the quad

Make sure your transmitter can connect and bind, and that you are receiving the FPV image in your goggles With the propellers removed, do a few tests to make sure it is all working properly Now is the time to clean everything up Be sure that any loose parts or wires are securely fastened with electrical tape or zip ties, and that the antennae is connected and attached Mount the battery and secure tightly with velcro straps

If you have a GoPro or other similar HD camera, mount it on the frame Connect to the quad again with your controller and goggles to run a final check If your firmware needs to be setup on the quad, now is the time to do it Once this is finished and you are certain everything is working properly, install the propellers and take to the skies Having trouble with your build? Ask a question in the comments or visit the Drone Racing International FPV Facebook group to ask experienced users for advice

Feel free to share pics and videos of your own quad builds Subscribe to our channel for regular drone racing and fpv freestyle content Stay tuned for future episodes If there is a topic we should cover, let us know in the comments Visit shop

dronucopiacom to shop for drones and drone accessories Always fly safely and responsibly, and happy flying

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