Caught On Camera – Drones Help Houston Volunteers Save Mangy Stray Dogs – Hope For Dogs Like My DoDo

Caught On Camera – Drones Help Houston Volunteers Save Mangy Stray Dogs – Hope For Dogs Like My DoDo

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You can rescue Bobby today and give him the forever home he deserves! If not, please consider making a donation to the Operation Houston Fund:

This is Bobby. As of 7:00 AM June 8, 2015 Bobby is still searching for a forever family… How much time does Bobby have before dog fighters send their dogs for his blood?

He represents an important issue within Houston’s stray dog problem. Bobby lives in Clark Park, alone, mangy, wanting to be loved. Compassionate women feed him and try to take care of him, but would anyone adopt him if he were brought in from the streets? What happens to un-adoptable dogs on the streets?

Martha Vasquez is confronting this problem at Clark Park. She heads up a small contingency who are working to educate the Clark Park neighborhood families on caring for their dogs. She is spreading the word on how to be a responsible pet owner, including spay and neuter information. Along with educating, Martha also cares for Bobby and other stray dogs in Clark Park. During the WA2S film crew visit, she used her own home remedy on Bobby’s mange. She’ll be back to treat him at least 2 more times. Martha is doing all she can to change the situation in Clark Park and bring hope for these dogs, but it is clear that it will take time to effect change.

Deanna Vollano, John Robinson

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