China's latest military drone that can strike targets with grenades – News Today

China's latest military drone that can strike targets with grenades  – News Today

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For any copyright, please send me a message. China has shown off a new military drone that carries two grenade launchers.The weapon appeared during a recent combat exercise in southern China, according to state broadcaster CCTV.The rotary-wing aircraft is also capable of firing guided munitions and conducting various missions, including tactical reconnaissance and midair interceptions, it is reported. Share this article Share China has stepped up its military drone race with the United States in recent years.Among others, its arsenal includes unmanned stealth fighter jets fitted with AK-47 rifles and deadly drone bombers which can fly 35 hours without refuelling.Beijing’s latest fighting drone was deployed during a drill by a special brigade under the land force of the People’s Liberation Army, CCTV said in a video report released by its social media account.The military exercise is said to have taken place in a rain forest in Yunnan Province.. A military column published by state-run claimed that it was the ‘Zhanfu H16-V12’ from Harwar. The model, whose name means ‘War Ax’ in English, was showcased by the company at a drone expo in Shenzhen last month.According to the manufacturer, the drone can fly as high as 5,834 metres (19,140 feet) and carry a maximum load of 25 kilograms (55 pounds).It is said to be able to withstand high winds of up to 17.1 metres (56 feet) per second and a temperature range from minus 40 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius (minus 104 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit).

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