David Dunn – The Blunderers & Blockhead Drone Pilots (Birmingham University)

David Dunn – The Blunderers & Blockhead Drone Pilots (Birmingham University)

Another uninformed idiot, this time a Professor in International Politics, David Dunn of Birmingham University providing completely uninformed opinion well outside his area of expertise to the UK government’s science and technology enquiry. These experts have been ‘very carefully’ selected by government

This professor is averaging 2 academic papers per year which is an extremely low output for a professor and shows low academic achievement. Birmingham University has no expertise in drones and it is an absolute disgrace that he has been picked over all the other highly qualified academics in our industry to provide evidence. He has published only 2 papers on military drones:

“Seeing Things Differently: Nang, Tura, Zolm, and Other Cultural Factors in Taliban Attitudes to Drones”


“Drone Use In Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism: Policy or Policy Component?”

Neither of these papers have any relevance to civilian drone laws and yet he is providing “expert opinion” on this exact subject area. This is an absolute scam

This man is an idiot and needs to be named and shamed. Who is picking these so called experts? There are hundreds of academics who are more highly qualified than this idiot, but the government don’t want to listen to them. They want to listen to this blithering fool who supports their narritive

What a disgrace. Ashamed to be British


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