Dijelovi racing/freestyle drona … Racing/freestyle drone parts

Parts Hi guys, Ivan wants to tell you something about the drone parts Bye! (German) Hi guys, like Ivona said, I wanted to describe parts of the drone I'm flying with Just a short thing, nothing too detailed Considering this is a quadcopter, there are four motors

At the front, there's a camera I use to get image and see the flight as if I was in the cockpit It's 21 mm lens so I have a wider image, much easier, and better Under this duct tape, ESCs, also four of them They're in charge of managing the speed of the motors

And they convert DC to AC At the back, there's a battery connector, XT60 Inside on the back, I don't know how clear you can see, this lower part is a receiver, which is connected to the station or remote controller It's used to establish connection between the remote controller and the drone

It has two antennas, which should ideally be at 90°, 90° angle, but mine isn't really 90, maybe not even 45, but it's around 45 But that's okay for short distances, I never had issues with the failsafe, so So that's okay

Above the receiver, there is this silver part, the video emitter cooler, which his connected to this antenna, and the video emitter i connected to the camera Here is also a 3D printed TPU material, which is used as a cam mount The camera is a GoPro Session, pretty convenient because it's light and gives good quality image Yeah, I shouldn't forget, here on the inside is a flight controller That's here next to my thumb It has an USB connector, so you can connect to a computer, and adjust the drone for the maiden flight There's a lot of configuration to do at first, but with time it's easy to figure out, and it's not too big of a trouble

What's not on the drone is the battery The one I'm using is a typical one, it's 4S, or four-cell batteries I won't talk about the batteries much, but it's pretty standard and allows about, for this drone, 25-3 minutes of flight All of this is placed on the carbon frame, brand Armattan

I'd sincerely recommend them because they give lifetime warranty for almost all their frames I think that's about it There's not really much to explain All in all, for your first drone, you need a bit help, perhaps by a friend who's already into this hobby, so it's much easier the first time Then later it could be much easier to do it all, and start with the soldering and assembling your first drone for yourself

It's really not sci-fi, but you do have to research online a bit, perhaps an advice from a friend, and that's it If you enjoyed leave a like, share, and subscribe if you haven't already Till the next time Cheers! I hope you didn't fall asleep 🙂 Thanks for the attention!

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