DJI Mavic Pro Platinum best drone pointless me upgrading to Pro 2 Air or Mini. Hikers point of view.

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum best drone pointless me upgrading to Pro 2 Air or Mini. Hikers point of view.

Mavic Mini drone 248g @ this drone maybe light weight but it does not offer 4k. Does upto 2.7k at only 40mbs and the worse thing is it has no manual shutter speed. Why do you need manual shutter speed? If you want cinematic look you need manual shutter settings. Also if in future there are filters for this drone this will make it over 250grams. It does have a nice flight time of 30 mins but in realty this will be much less. It has a WIFi transmission control which in the past WIFI controls have been known to suffer with signal interference.
DJI Mavic Air Drone 430g @ Has manual shutter speeds and 4k at 100mbs but sadly works by a wifi control and only 21 mintues flight time which is real life will be much less and lot features i would not use.
DJI Mavic 2 Pro 907g @ Has 4k at 100mbs Takes the best photos out all three drones. Has the best transmission as well. Only thing is its bulky and of alot of weight and many pointless features that i will never use. Has a flight time of 31 minutes and again in real life will be less.
I use a old Mavic pro 736g @ Has a 30 mintues flight time. 4k at 60mbs. I still use this as i can justify buying a new drone at moment plus all the new drones do not have what i require at moment this old drone is still the best for my needs. its lighter than the new Mavic pro 2. It has a better camera than the Mavic Mini. It has a longer flight time than the Mavic air. It has a much better control transmission than both the drones.

I will not upgrade until there is a lighter drone with a better camera for stills and video i do not care about the drone being covered in pointless sensors when i am only aloud fly the craft in line of sight so no point in them. I want all the power to go on the flight time and camera in a lighter craft. After all drones are best on a adventure good camera and light weight is what i want.

Other drones worth looking at
Parrot Anafi Extended Pack @

Professional drones do not come cheap as follows
Inspire 2 Drone with X5S CAMERA AND GIMBAL @

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