Drone News – Autel Evo 2 Released, Parrot Anafi UA, Using Drones for Public Safety

Drone News – Autel Evo 2 Released, Parrot Anafi UA, Using Drones for Public Safety

Autel Robotics Releases the 8K variant of Autel Evo 2, How Public Safety Agencies are using Drones to Fight the Coronavirus, Parrot Anafi UA for Military Use

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02:17 – Drone pilot flying over Michigan Lake captures incredible ship wreck photos in crystal clear spring waters
04:50 – Drone photo by Palm Beach photo raises questions about rules and regulations
07:32 – How are drones being used to fight the coronavirus?
08:02 – Are public safety agencies following regulations while flying drones? Are they taking into account public perception?
12:10 – What are some pitfalls of operating under COA?
14:07 – Parrot ANAFI UA with powerful zoom lens is being used exclusively for military applications
18:32 – Italian police with Anafi drone fine sunbather for violating lock-down 22:53 – Zipline uses drone delivery in Ghana for COVID testing 27:20 – Rotating omni-directional drone from ETH Zurich
30:27 – Autel Evo 2 8K version available in the markets now
33:52 – How has the virus impacted the drone industry and drone manufacturers as a whole?
37:18 – Can we expect new drone launches to revive the market?
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