Drones For Surveillance

– Today I wanna talk about drones, and drones for surveillance, stay tuned (upbeat electronica dance music) This is Tim Santoni and welcome to Risk Mitigation TV, on this show we're gonna help you mitigate risk in your business and protect you from those in your inner circle

Today we're talking about drones, and specifically drones for surveillance As you guys have seen, drones are everywhere There's consumer level drones as little as 400 bucks that give, really 1080p video, high definition stuff and can fly, a pretty novice can learn to fly them within a day or less The challenge is how they can be used, where they can be used, and for what purposes So as a private investigator there's some legal issues that must be addressed, one is invasion of privacy, two is the fact of discreetness

So these drones are great, the drawbacks are the fact that they are quite loud and noisy Also, they have an inability to really zoom, so that means that even in high altitudes they have an inability to zoom in and positively identify a target while maintaining distance So they're great for certain things, like assessing damage in a flood or in a insurance related loss, and to assess damages They were used extensively after the hurricanes recently to determine, insurance companies wanted to determine how much and how extensive their losses were in certain areas that were unaccessable via car So great for those purposes

So keep in mind too that there are new laws coming down from the state and federal government and local cities that require people flying drones for commercial use to have licensing, to register with the FAA, and to have the right permissions, so make sure that if you're gonna hire someone to use a drone to conduct an investigation or surveillance that you're doing it within the legal parameters of the law and the evidence and information that you obtain will be admissible and usable and won't cause any harm to you as an investigator, the attorney, or the attorney's client So thanks a lot for tuning into this video, if you liked what you see please give us a thumbs up, we look forward to connecting with you in the comments, thanks (upbeat hip hop music)

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