Drones that Follow you

Drones that Follow you

Drone Following Ford Ranger WildTrack Truck in Desert. This is my Daya 550 Aerial filming Quadcopter with JIYI P2 Pro flight controller onboard. I was thoroughly testing JIYI P2 Pro Flight features using Android GCS and I thought I will put the JIYI P2 Pro Follow me feature to it’s full test. JIYI P2 Pro flew my Daya 550 Quadcopter following my Android Phone running JIYI P2 GCS all the time. Result is a beautiful Drone Following my Ford Ranger Wildtrack Truck in this beautiful desert and road mix area of Dubai.

To test all these JIYI P2 Pro Flight controller features, I built Daya 550 Quadcopter with Gimbal and camera. In this video you can watch Android Ground Control Station testing with all its autonomous flight features testing of JIYI P2 Pro Flight controller on board Daya 550 Quadcopter. Don’t forget to watch the maiden flight testing and testing Ground Control station videos of JIYI P2 Pro

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to watch GCS testing here

Watch Maiden Flight Testing of Daya 550 and JIYI P2 Pro here

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