Drones: Using emerging technology for the unexpected

The next speaker is Eli DElia, owner and technical director of Eagle Eye Metrics, a company of science and design of unmanned aerial vehicles He founded the robotics sports community, Game of Drones, is a member of the Aerial Sports League, is the inventor of Hiro, the first indestructible drone of action sports around the world and currently works in an autonomous racing drone

Welcome, Eli Thank you very much to all I would like to start by repeating something very important that was said before: the future is now Many people are not prepared for this and are surprised So I would like to tell all the young people to learn to program, Choose a language, learn it well and learn to program

This is very important The next thing is to learn how to use CAD, and after CAD will come CAM, which deals with manufacturing Several years ago, Game of Drones was presented as if it were only mine, but, actually, I started the project with some friends And here it is Before talking about what I'm most passionate about, drones, I would like to talk a little about the set of tools for doers which is available to everyone

First of all, look for a CAD package with which they really feel comfortable and start working on their designs with the idea that they are going to make and use the tool set Fusion 360 is a fantastic tool Since I learned to use it, I always use it I use it every day because it is a one-step creation tool It is the weapon that I choose to use for work

Basically, I have My friend Mark and I had the mission to create the world's first most indestructible drone because, when we first started, we destroyed robots every week and we squandered money trying to stay in the air We needed a solution that could really resist everything we were doing, that at that time was a combat-oriented robotics sport

It was like a fight club, a high tech fight club where we made robots and made them fight and it was fun But, when we started flying, we started spending a lot of money and had to fix it soon So my friend and I started a geometric design search We also investigated what kind of materials existed that we could easily manufacture and we promoted the idea that there was a very resistant drone in the market I mentioned the toolkit and what can be done with it, the CAD package, but there are also spaces for doers in which everyone can participate and become members, such as TechShop or any local space, community workshops with CNC machines

It is very important to know how to talk with these CNC machines so that the designs can be iterated quickly Once we did that, we had our design, We take it to TechShop and start iterating There you can see the mk6 Sumo, It started to take shape very quickly and did everything we wanted it to do We use some plastics for military use for manufacturing, and the final result was a drone totally resistant to fire, water and blows So these drones could collide

They could turn around and they could fly again And we were also documenting every step of the process We created the YouTube channel Game of Drones and we showed everyone how to do what we were doing The result was simply "take our money, we want to buy one" That was our goal

We said "Well, let's see if we can make this product viable" From YouTube, we created a meeting channel I'll go back to the previous slide Here it is We created a page of meetings to create a community, and we could say that YouTube and meetings are essential tools of the set for doers

From there you can really transmit the message, People can join the community, and there were many enthusiastic people In a few weeks, we went from being six people who met in a warehouse on Friday nights to hundreds of people, and the community continued to grow and grow We begin to grow very fast and, when we get a lot of followers on the YouTube channel, some of the videos already have more than one million views and the meetings were also very successful, We presented the product on Kickstarter and asked everyone if they wanted to buy it Well, they said yes and we received double what we had fixed We were very happy and Game of Drones was born as a company

Then, we call the attention of Maker Faire Maker Faire asked us if we wanted to make a very important exhibition, where we would basically use the drone Hiro and we would show the combats we did in private in the meetings and what we were doing, and we discovered that, in combat sports, Engineering and iteration are the main factor for things to happen faster So it was very good After the Maker Faire event, We called the attention of a venture capital incubator and got involved with Highway1 Through Highway1, we got to have a great relationship with Autodesk

Let's see, here it is I am often asked how I approach the aerodynamics of drones and the drones are, mainly, an aerial platform that flies over in the same place However, in sports and games, aerodynamics is increasingly important, so one of the things I do is take the designs I made in Fusion 360 and put them in the flow design, and it is a test cycle and flow design, which simulates a wind tunnel Then I go back to Fusion to make adjustments and, finally, I have a design that minimizes the aerodynamic resistance against the structure So, when they ask me how I approach aerodynamics, I answer that the combination of Fusion with the design of the flow will help them get what they need

Now comes the fun part, the toy trunk that is available to everyone Ah, this is my Autodesk team for drone racing, the design team, here we are Taylor, Dannyi and me and this is a model designed by Taylor for the fuselage, based on the aerodynamic model that I showed you Basically, all the components of the drone are inside the fuselage This is what we are currently doing We have the impression and we are placing the propulsion system

The last time we tried it, it reached 200 kilometers per hour and personally that scares me a little Well, with regard to the toy trunk that is available to all, from left to right we have a very simple plate that everyone can use to learn about drones and place in a small racing drone It's a good way to start if you want to start as a hobby, learn and discover how drones work I recommend you start with a racing badge and a racing structure, and this will teach them everything they need to know about microelectronics: all the propulsion system, from the battery going through the structure of the aircraft and electronic speed controllers, motors, propellers, how everything is integrated into the equation of flying robots Besides this, there are the most industrial drones, we have the Pixhawk and the DJI A3

DJI A3 and Pixhawk are the ones I use practically every day The Pixhawk I like because it is open source, C ++ and Python They are very good devices They can modify the code and write their own algorithms so that the drone behaves in certain ways Among the most advanced plates are Snapdragon by Qualcomm, which includes IoT, the Internet of things, in the drone, so they can transmit videos and the entire interface to the Internet and pilots can split up

We are not working with this yet, but the possibilities are practically unlimited when the IoT is included in the robots The NVIDIA Jetson board is the one I'm using today It has artificial vision and automatic learning, which makes drones versatile and they can do 3D photogrammetry of very high level, which basically means flying over something and generating a 3D model with all the parameters, the measurements, etcetera But the plate that I'm really enjoying now is the Intel Aero, which is an open source system and it allows you to do things like programming the drones to fly in a swarm or in formation You may have heard that there were 100 drones in the Intel presentation and that everyone danced and gave a show of lights at night

and that everyone danced and gave a show of lights at night There was only one pilot One hundred drones depended on a pilot It was a revolutionary work If they combine the Pixhawk

I like that because it is open source, others are more closed If you combine the Pixhawk with an Intel or Jetson board, they will get considerable power which is already available and is very accessible They come ready to use and everyone can have access

So you can start your adventure with drones and robotics right now, and I recommend you do it because these machines are excellent and they came to stay Another thing to keep in mind about drones is that we must reduce their complexity Basically, we have to put an end to the myth that they are complex flying machines because they are actually quite simple and we have to see them more like the tires of a car They are a tool that will take us from point A to point B The real magic is in the type of cargo they carry and there lies the next border of the drones

What matters is the load and the function Currently, there are many drones with cameras and video cameras that saturate the market Do not worry about them, what matters is science and what we can do with the drones They are powerful, accessible and come ready to use and, at this moment, I use them to analyze many images of agriculture We fly over the vineyards and measure the scarcity of water and damage to crops and then we can tell the team to go directly to where the problem is

It would usually take a couple of weeks to find the problematic places We can do it in 15 minutes It is a huge difference The most expensive thing these things have in reality are the cameras, that camera may have cost about $ 5,000, but they are trying to make them more and more accessible So do not worry about the cameras, Take care to make the drones fly and work with that

We are also working a lot with the control of public services, with the municipalities with respect to security, with search and rescue My favorites are the discovery and what is happening and is about to happen in the entertainment world Again, all this comes ready to use, drones are just an entry to robotics So get acquainted with the drones and soon you can do even more with them What is happening today, we'll talk about this a second, What is happening with the entertainment is that soon there will be a revolution of robotic characters

We'll have little robotic actors, so to speak, flying in circles, working together, like the Intel plates that swarmed, so soon we will see a thousand teddy bears dancing in the street There will be a revolution of mechanical effects in movies Now we will start talking about the drones themselves because this is something that is not yet seen enough This is a company called Zipline It is located in Half Moon Bay, here in California, and its mission is to bring medical supplies to remote and isolated towns

They are doing excellent medical work, taking supplies by air to remote places Those are drones that are programmed in Half Moon Bay, here in California, and they fly to Africa, practically to the other side of the world, from here, from Half Moon Bay, which is fantastic Another fantastic thing that is happening with the drones is the discovery, and, recently, although it was not really that recent, the drones confirmed where one of the great ancient cities that Alexander the Great founded in Iraq was We just found it and now archaeologists are negotiating to go there and dig However, drones have such incredible sensors incorporated that we do not need to do many digs because we can use that data to make a 3D impression of what we find

We can leave everything on the ground, print it in 3D remotely and put those impressions, those replicas in the museums So we do not need to modify the terrain, We can fly drones and recreate complete ancient civilizations Drone technology has many aspects and, I insist, it's just an entrance Let's see, here it is They stopped being simple flying machines All this technology can be easily adapted for submarines and rovers, so you can have an agricultural drone flying over the crops, have the equivalent of the Mars rover exploring the crops, and both can communicate and send the information to the farmer so that he can make decisions about how to improve the crops These are just some examples, but there really are no limits The limits depend on the imagination of each person

I would like to talk about learning to program and learn about robotics These are the survival tools for the future, for the reality of "the future is now" Currently, programming and robotics are essential survival skills So I think that Just to make sure Oh, yes, my favorite part What is next? I just showed you that we can go through the land, the sea and the air, but what really excites me, and I think the generative design will have a lot to do with this, is that the next thing is space We have a solar system full of resources alien to this world and I think we're the only ones who can claim them, but the prospecting will not be done by us, but our telepresent robotic drones

And my opinion, that will probably change and be transformed, is that we will see children in schools exploring the space from their seats thanks to the drones that will be out there and, when there is a signal that there might be something valuable, the drones will go to a space mining company and the company will be in charge of prospecting and exploration I see a very optimistic future and full of jobs in which we will work with robotics in a symbiotic way That's all I have to say today and I think generative design and robotics will play a key role in the world of "the future is now" Thank you very much Thank you very much, Eli, for that fantastic presentation

I think I should review some programming to take the first steps

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