ESCAPE HACKER DRONE CHASE (Found Stolen TESLA Exploring Abandoned Hidden Tunnel)

ESCAPE HACKER DRONE CHASE (Found Stolen TESLA Exploring Abandoned Hidden Tunnel)

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After Vy Qwaint and I FOUND HACKER SECRET EXPLORING CLASSROOM! (Trapped in Creepy Abandoned Room) iPhone Confiscated they escaped into an secret underground tunnel that led to a prison like town. I found the Tesla Model X that was stolen by the YouTube hacker. Who he is in real life remains a creepy mystery. He likes to control my life. A loud drone that sounded like a dirtbike was guarding the car. Maybe there was a $10000 ebay mystery box inside. We explored the parking lot for a treasure map or clues or puzzles. I did not have my ninja gadgets or spy gadgets with me. I think this place is haunted with ghosts. We hid from the drone in the shadows of the passageways and tunnels. I think I was caught on camera by the drone. We crawled to remain hidden. We did not want to battle or fight the hacker. Is this Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, or Lizzy Sharer playing a prank on us? Thank you for watching my comedy videos in 2018!

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