F100 Ghost Drone with Camera (Full Review) 💯

F100 Ghost Drone with Camera (Full Review) 💯

This is a full review of the F100 Ghost Drone with Camera available @
Video Parts:
0:01 Intro
0:50 Unboxing,
1:10 Charging,
1:30 Camera mounting and Settings,
2:50 How to Install Props.
3:40 How install Landing Gear .
4:00 How to install and Prop Guards.
4:30 How to get free crash kit.
4:40 weight of Drone and all its parts.
5:25 how to remove body shell and a look inside Drone.
5:50 How to reinforce Shell to keep it from falling off in a crash.
6:30 How to bind F100 to the controller.
7:50 How to do tricks & Flips with the F100.
8:30 How to fly in the house.
9:20 How to keep it flying steady.
10:00 How to fly the F100 fast.
12:00 Spinning the Drone at two speeds.
13:55 Crashing the F100
14:10 How it runs out of power.
14:20 closing thoughts

The Force1 F100 Ghost Drone is Brushless Drone Camera Quadcopter. The powerful brushless motors, make it very powerful. The Force1 F100 Ghost Drone also comes with a 1080p Action camera, or you can use your own GoPro style action camera

The F100 Ghost Drone with 1080p Camera is available on Amazon at this link:

The Force1 F100 (rebrand of the Bugs3) also the Altair Blackhawk drone is a brushless motor quadcopter. You can mount your own GoPro Hero 3, 4. It has very BRIGHT LED lights! And it flies for a long time. It has tow speeds; Fast and Faster! You can also fly it for fun with no camera. As a beginner or intermediate drone, I really like the Force1 F100.
You can also fly your F100 simplified down with no legs or action camera for increased power and speed. Force1 now includes an extra battery and that gives it a total extended combined flight time of 30 minutes!

The F100 is similar to the MJX Bugs 3 a favorite among hobbyists. I also like that Force1 is a USA based company, so should you run into any issues they are in the US. The All New F100 Ghost (white) is the brother to the Force1 F100 (black) drone. Both are equally FAST!!!
You’ll can get up to 15 minutes of flight time and a maximum range of 500 meters. It’s powered by powerful 1800kv brushless motors and that use a 7.4v 1800 mAh 2S battery.

I love how the new F100 is versatile. There are very few affordable drones that can carry an action camera or fly fast like the F100 Ghost. The Force1 F100 Ghost RC Drone is a good affordable alternative for the person on a budget who wants to get good stable high-quality aerial shots. It’s the best value I’ve found yet. Because the F100 can fly very fast like a racer, you can also modify it and add FPV? More on that to come in future videos.

The F100 and F100 Ghost are both great looking fun, fast, responsive brushless drones. If you are looking for a drone that can handle your GoPro, or want one that comes with an action camera, then pick up an F100 Ghost or F100.
Here is the direct link:

If you like to fly FPV, the instructions have a FPV Camera option to purchase. I contacted Force1 to ask about it and they said they are still developing it or making it or something like that. I told them I wanted to modify the F100 to fly with FPV and they told me they will let me know when that is availalbe. Note, the cost of upgrading to a FPV camera with googles etc may be a lot and because this drone doesn’t have GPS, the MJX B2W Bugs 2 may be a better option.

This model doesn’t have that option to press the camera button on the controller and work the external camera on the drone. I don’t feel I explained this in the video. The controller has a camera button but that will only work if you buy a internal or external camera designed to attach to the drone itself via connectors. At 5:30 in this video, you’ll notice 4 input connectors at the front of the drone and the 2nd connector is not plugged in. That is the connector that you would attach a camera to the drone with. I contacted Force1 and they said the camera connector that we would buy for that function is not yet available, but it will be soon.

In the video I made an error regarding the weight of the drone. After I uploaded the video I was like “dam” I should have added up the total of 444 grams or 0.978852. lbs. Technically I’m correct in that I show how it’s under a 1½ lbs. However, it’s really right around 1 lb. Obviously my scale was off. I could redo the video to correct that but I don’t know if it will make much difference. My main focus of the video is for new people getting started.

Thank you for watching this video review. Please feel free to contact me anytime at tommydrone55@gmail.com if you have any questions or ideas.



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