Fantastic Flying UFO & Mechanical Dinosaur, Unboxing & Fun

Fantastic Flying UFO & Mechanical Dinosaur, Unboxing & Fun

1. Speed regulation, light year old speed increase and change.
2. Infrared induction control, single handed induction can operate, interesting and fun.
3. Easy to get started, just fling lightly, flying instantly.
4. Hovering high altitude flight, inverted stop flying.

5. Soft fuselage, safety against collision.

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Item name: Induction four axis aircraft
Color: Red, Blue, Gold
Materials: ABS, electronic components
Fuselage battery: 3.7V 300mAh lithium polymer battery
Remote control signal: infrared ray
Charge time: 45 minutes.
Play time: 5-8 minutes
Product size: 9x9x4.5cm
Product weight: 30.5g
Package Included :
1x Aircraft
1x Charge Cable

Note: Before using, please charge it with the USB charging cable, and then open the attached manual to watch the illustrated steps.

Safe and Durable: The manual drone is 30 Gram weight and no camera installed it’s made of non-toxic high-quality ABS material, which has flexibility and crash worthiness. The propeller is wrapped in an elastic mesh fence to protect children from harm and allow children to spend safe and happy times.

Infrared Sensor and Remote Control : The UFO shape design and sensor are located at the bottom, which can automatically detect obstacles such as walls, furniture and baby, and play indoors and outdoors safely. Simply throw the flying ball toy out, it can start flying immediately, or use a single button to control the drone to take off or landing

Flight Guide : First charge the USB charging cable, then open the attached manual to view the illustrated steps. When the airplane is turned on, hold the airplane in your hand and stretch forward, then release your hand and the airplane will take off automatically. When the plane is turned on, it will fly a distance and hover in the air. If you do not perform the operation within 1 to 2 seconds, the airplane will drop to a height of one hundred percent and hover again.

Speed Mode and LED Ligh : The default speed of the drone is medium speed, the indicator light is green, click the power button to switch to the high speed mode, the flying drone indicator will turn blue, you can be different Choose different speeds in the scene and enjoy the fun of drones! The cool LED lights make this flying toy drone bright and colorful at night.

Perfect Gift: The Mini Hand Control Drone is the perfect gift for children aged 5 years and older on birthdays, Easter, Christmas or any special event or festival. A nice family reunion fun and party toys.

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