Flamethrower Drone Cleans High Voltage Wires In China

Flamethrower Drone Cleans High Voltage Wires In China

A power company has developed a drone that spews fire at power lines to get rid of rubbish.

This totally proportional way of getting rid of household waste is being used in Xiangyang, China.

The method of shooting fire from an unmanned drone is nothing to worry about and in fact rids power lines of plastic bags.
A job once delegated to humans on cherrypicker vehicles has been replaced by a man standing with a hard hat on the pavement directing a fire-blasting drone.

The drone appears to be the DJI S1000+ model which carries a weight of 11 kilos while the controller is a £440 Futaba 14SG 14-channel radio.

America has already developed more sophisticated fire-breathing drones.

Nebraska-Lincoln University created a fire starting drone to ignite ‘control fires’ which cleared 26 acres of tall-grass for the Homestead National Monument of America in Nebraska. Video of the municipal workers seem to show the tool being used in a testing capacity in Hubei province.

Drones have been recently used by Amazon to deliver films and popcorn to customers living close to their warehouses.

Testing outside of Cambridge was shown in a promotional video last year. However the Amazon drone, despite armed with an Amazon Fire Stick, there was no fire blasting capabilities.

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