Flying Toys Parrot AR.Drone Launched At The Gadget Show Live

Flying Toys Parrot AR.Drone Launched At The Gadget Show Live

The Parrot AR.Drone has been voted one of the Top 50 Must-Have Gadgets for 2011 seen at The Gadget Show Live, by popular presenter Jason Bradbury, who featured the high profile product in his personal top 10.

‘You don’t get any more gadgety than this, a wireless camera mounted on four helicopter blades that can be remotely controlled by an iPhone, while streaming video back to the handset. Throw in an augmented reality shoot-em-up game and you have the last word in 21st-Century toyology’……

Flying Toys are delighted to announce an agreement with Parrot to distribute the amazing AR.Drone in the UK.

With around ten million hits on their YouTube channel and almost ten thousand user videos available online, the Parrot AR.Drone undoubtedly represents an unprecedented internet phenomenon for any flying toy.

The world’s first quadricopter designed to be flown indoors or outside with an iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad™ using touch screen Wi-Fi® technology, the Augmented Reality Drone features an autopilot facility to take itself off, hover at a predetermined height, and land automatically upon command.

Simply tilt the iPhone® to make the model travel forwards, backwards and sideways, left or right. Having mastered these basic techniques, slide the virtual throttle forward to climb and hold in a hover, then press land to safely descend.

Diagonal movements will make the AR.Drone spin slowly in either direction, with a clever variable rate adjustment for increased control. Release the screen for immediate stabilisation. Accidental contact with the rotors will cause them to stop.

Suitable for both beginners and experts, the AR.Drone features a robust carbon fibre framework, with a tough expanded polypropylene foam protective body for indoor use.

A streamlined hull is provided for flying outside, with pairs of red and green LED lights conveniently fitted front and back for added effect, and to assist orientation.

The AR.Drone generates its own Wi-Fi connection with a range of up to fifty metres, and incorporates an onboard computer. A pair of electronic gyroscopes provide superb directional stability controlling the pitch, roll angle and yaw, even outdoors in light winds.

An ultrasound altimeter maintains the height up to six metres, combined with an accelerometer designed to accurately detect horizontal and vertical movement.

A vertical and horizontal video camera selectively feed live footage to an on screen display on the iPhone® or similar, with a high speed of sixty frames a second providing stabilisation for the vertical camera.

An innovative detection system will identify other AR.Drones, or tagged virtual objects, whilst validating the shots fired against an enemy, when used with AR.FlyingAce.

The brilliant AR.Pursuit flying video game combines augmented reality with actual remote control, allowing interactive combat between up to three quadricopters, with the outdoor hulls available in different attractive colour schemes to facilitate recognition.

Download the full AR.Drone specification, and see the latest videos on

Available from Flying Toys stockists now!…

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