Footage inside top secret military drone base

It looks like a gamer's dream, but this is actually the UK's drone nerve centre Military chiefs have finally allowed cameras into the facility in Lincolnshire, giving us a glimpse of how pilots operate the RAF's unmanned aircraft

The footage was filmed during a visit by defence secretary Philip Hammond They provide a huge additional capability to support our operations on the ground, huge additional protection for our troops on the ground, and I think they're going to be a feature of future operations in whatever we find ourselves The Air Force started flying drones over Afghanistan from RAF Waddington in 2013 Previously, they operated them from Afghanistan or the US The use of drones, especially those that can fire missiles called Reapers, is controversial

When it was announced that Britain was carrying out combat missions from Lincolnshire, there were protests outside the base But drones are incredibly useful to the armed forces, who want to change attitudes All the pilots are subject to exactly the same rules of engagement as troops on the ground So whether the pilot is sitting in the cockpit or sitting in a control pod here at Waddington, the procedures, the controls and the safeguards are exactly the same Britain is buying more Reapers, so despite campaigns against their use, drone technology will undoubtedly be a part of our future

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