Google Is Helping the US Military Develop Artificial Intelligence for Drones

Google has partnered with the United States Department of Defense to help the military develop artificial intelligence for analyzing drone footage News broke this month that the tech giant has been quietly working with the Department of Defense's Project Maven to develop AI that can quickly identify objects from the vast amount of footage collected by drones

Military engineers are adapting Google's TensorFlow software to create object recognition algorithms that could one day be partnered with human intelligence and used on missions around the globe In practice, the data could aid the military's fleet of 1,100 drones to better target bombing strikes against the Islamic State However, some Google employees were reportedly outraged by the news after it was shared in an internal mailing list last week Others said it brings up ethical questions about the development and use of machine learning For United News International, in Washington, D

C, I'm Caitlin Mangum

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