Half Naked Girl in backyard meets DJI Phantom Drone! Funny As! (Fact or Fiction – with Interview)

Half Naked Girl in backyard meets DJI Phantom Drone! Funny As! (Fact or Fiction – with Interview)

A naked girl in the backyard caught by DJI Phantom Spy Drone?
Drone finds nude girl in guys own yard with a very comical outcome! What not to do with your remote control quadcopter!
INTERVIEW ON END. Tense.. but funny!
SEE BELOW for credibility questions!

See the web site for more (& the unrestricted version)

Seen this before, but want to know if its fact or fiction?

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This backyard quadcopter pilot is flying his brand new remote controlled DJI Phantom drone when he spies and spots his brothers half naked bikini clad girlfriend sun baking behind the hedge with massive bare breasts being shown to the sun for all to see.

Meet Nigel!
This worse than amateur video was sent to us and Review.
Well we reviewed it and added our own touches!
What not to do with your Drone #4

This is the “family friendly” version for the age restricted audience, so if you want to see the slightly more transparent version go to to have a look.

There is also some other links to bits of the original vision

Guy flying his Drone spots almost nude girl with massive boobs hidden behind a hedge. Well he gets what’s coming to him when the drone fireworks start, as she gets a little upset and threatens to beats him and throw things at him in retaliation and what does she do with his new toy?

But was it worth it? The drone revolution, will things ever be the same again!?

But what about privacy you say?
Well it was all shot on this guys property with consenting adults!
And seriously…. the neighbors could have photographed this girl from their balcony!

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