How Do I Determine the Commercial Viability of a New Drone Business?

How Do I Determine the Commercial Viability of a New Drone Business?

Our caller for today, Jose is an army man on the verge of retirement. Jose is keen to start a UAS business once he commences his civilian life. Considering his background and all the critical skills that he has picked up over the years, what industry verticals should he target? How can he research the market and discover industry verticals that are a good fit for him?

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03:50 – Today’s question is about starting a new drone business
06:25 – How can you find reliable market research resources when starting a new drone business?
08:00 – Is it better to get into a creative or technical field?
10:12 – Importance of following your passion
12:25 – Are you taking into consideration all possible business risks?
13:40 – Some common mistakes that drone pilots make when they venture into drone mapping and modeling
15:18 – Do you have an aptitude for continuous learning?
17:24 – How being a part of a like-minded and progressive community can help you
20:06 – Which have been some of the most popular drone applications during COVID?

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