How Do I Unlock a Red Zone on My DJI Drone?

How Do I Unlock a Red Zone on My DJI Drone?

Today, we talk about unlocking your DJI drone. Are you being stopped by DJI’s geofencing system? How do you unlock your drone so that you can fly again?

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00:44 – Just crashed your drone? Don’t fret – Check out our cool sponsor, Fortress UAV
02:46 – Check out our 34 awesome courses for just $1
03:03 – Today’s question is about unlocking a red zone on your DJI drone
04:04 – What is a red zone, and how do you unlock it?
04:45 – What are the protocols for unlocking a red zone in Canada?
05:55 – Is there a particular app you can use for unlocking a red zone on your DJI drone?
06:09 – Drone U Members can check out our instructional video that shows you how to unlock a red zone

Please watch: “How can Part 107 Pilots Legally Fly a Drone in Canada with Transport Canada”


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