How to make drone for kids | LEGO Drone | LEGO Quadcopter

How to make drone for kids | LEGO Drone | LEGO Quadcopter

How to make a Drone for kids it’s completely made with LEGO it’s very easy and more affordable for your kids to make.
Learn: As many of you probably know, we aren’t the best at building RC things, so we thought we’d start pretty easy, with a LEGO Block Quadcopter! All joking aside, this was extremely fun and easy to piece together and to top it all off, it actually flew really well!

Whether you are a kid that loves the hobby, or like we are a big kid at heart, this truly was a unique experience when compared to many of the RC things we’ve featured on our channel. Both Abby and I encourage you to pick one of these up just for the experience of “building” something and then watching it fly. Plus, you really can’t beat the price!

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– Kids can build this themselves using toy blocks.
– Nice smooth yet manoeuvrable flier. Really, I was surprised how well this quadcopter could fly, considering what it was constructed from 🙂
– Includes headless mode and one key return.
– Does not require FAA registration.

– Does not have the flip capability.
– The potential for flyaway if you fly out of range of the transmitter.

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