I Believe I Can Fly, This Drone

I Believe I Can Fly, This Drone

I Believe I Can Fly, This Drone. Why won’t it work? I should probably attach the propellers, just a guess though. Oh it’s a firmware problem. Oh it’s an iPad problem. Oh well, it’s in the air no harm. That is unless I drop my phone and crack it.

Welcome to the Greer Family Vlog on the Greer Girls. Bringing daily vlogs to our channel now. We film toy videos, unboxing toys, toy reviews, and product reviews. We filmed family vlogs on the weekend and have so much fun recording ourselves being crazy and silly. Creating memories of our daily lives is something we wanted to capture more often. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Meet chocolate lover Macey, soccer lover Hailey, mom Chas, and dad G. Rocky, their dog is part of the family too!

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