If drones had wings – Butterfly Utilitary Transformation Toy

If drones had wings – Butterfly Utilitary Transformation Toy

What would happen if you put wings on a drone? Foldable wings that act like airbrakes or a parachute and increase hang-time in the air. I’ve decided to check that out and this is how Project “Butterfly Utilitary Transformation Toy” was created. Basically, B.U.T.T is two servos and two “wings”, “waffles”, “whatevers” that can fold and deploy on command. Everything is driven by INAV 2.2.1 with Logic Conditions. Important: wings are not deployed by hand by the user! INAV deploys them when the throttle is low! INAV is smart ๐Ÿ™‚
The final question: does it work? Kind of… Maybe… Hard to tell… My FPV drone for sure behaves in a different way in the air when the throttle is pulled low and wings deployed!

Alfa Monster 7-inch frame
Matek F722-SE
Brotherhobby Avenger V2 1700KV
AKK X2-Ultimate

STL files for 3D printing:

Looking for INAV support? It is there for my Patrons on Patreon:

IndieRotor Initiative
If you are an individual or a small company and make something for RC hobby and you want to share your product with the community, please contact me. I will gladly promote your product amongst my viewers. It can be hardware, software, electronics anything as long as it is at least remotely connected with remote control.

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I also have a full-grow RC website you know

Recommended hardware:
Alfa Monster 7 inch
AlfaRC Fighter 7 inch

Avenger v2 2507
Racestar BR2508S
iFlight XING 2208

BN-180 GPS
BN-880 GPS

Flight controllers
Matek F722 Wing
Matek F722 SE
Mamba F405 stack

Runcam Eagle 2 Pro
Foxeer CAT
RunCam Micro Eagle
Foxeer Arrow Micro

Arduino compatible boards
Arduino Pro Mini

N1201SA VSWR meter
Uni-T UT210E clamp meter
Uni-T UT373 tachometer

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