Inside an autonomous drone. (With beard entanglement incident.)

Inside an autonomous drone.  (With beard entanglement incident.)

Many years ago I was visiting the Terminator T2-3D attraction at Universal Studios in Florida, and in one scene Arnie grabs a drone from the air and smashes it against a pillar. Aside from the drone looking suspiciously like a Danfoss commercial refrigeration fan in disguise, it stuck in my mind that self powered drones like that might actually happen one day.
They did. And here’s the spookiest I’ve come across yet. It’s a toy drone that you literally toss into the air and it then darts about randomly, stopping dead-still in the air occasionally and “scanning” the surroundings before moving off again. It can also detect objects to the sides and below it for avoidance purposes.

Note that it does need an ordinary room to work properly, as wall to wall shelving is a bit of a drone trap. (Useful knowledge if you’re being hunted by an armed drone.)

Here’s a generic eBay search link for them:-

Make sure you get the type with four propellers, as there are listings showing flying disco ball variants. Target price is around $12.

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