JJPRO P200 drone review. $200 racing BEAST – AMAZING VALUE

JJPRO P200 drone review. $200 racing BEAST – AMAZING VALUE

READ ALL THIS DESCRIPTION. GIVEAWAY AND SALE – Video review of the JJPRO P200. Very awesome racing drone. Like the p175 quadcopter. This time in the review we have a detailed look at the quad itself and upgrade the firmware and bind it to my Taranis to turn this little racer into a real beast on the race course. In part one we had a quick overview of everything that came in this amazing value kit. Emax motors, carbon frame, vtx and camera combo, radio, charger and battery – all for about $200 If you Combine this with something like the Kylin headset you can have a full racing setup for less than $300

RIGHT NOW THERE IS A SALE AND FOR EVERYTHING IT’S LIKE $256 for the whole kit and goggles.

JJpro RTF Package $189 link –

JJPRO P200 just the quad $166 link

Kylin goggles $67 link

Gear best sale link

WARNING – Do not upgrade your escs through BL heli suite unless you know exactly which specific firmware file to load directly downloaded from the emax site. Bl heli will not correctly read the esc firmware and will load the wrong one resulting in.. SMOKE and fire. I found this out the hard way. So leave the escs as they are and just update the FC to the latest betaflight.

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winner = steve32768

HAPPY FLYING, lol biggest description ever but so much cool stuff I wanted to say

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