Kaideng Pantonma K80 RC Quadcopter Indoor Flight Review

Kaideng Pantonma K80 RC Quadcopter Indoor Flight Review

Kaideng Pantonma K80 is a toy Grade RC Quadcopter with modular based design. You can easily replace the motors, add remove various modules that are sold separately including an obstacle avoidance module. Various camera modules are available to purchase separately and you can customize your quadcopter as per your choices. K80 is a very stable and easy to fly quadcopter. It has altitude hold and other common features like other toy grade quadcopters. You can also control and fly it with your smartphone using WIFI connectivity. Flight times are however very disappointing. Charging battery takes forever and flight times are short. If you want to be able to fly it longer, you must order more batteries. It’s a good and fun quadcopter when it comes to flying it around and having fun with it. 5.8ghz FPV module with LCD screen can give you much better control and FPV flights. However, WIFI FPV module is pretty much useless. There is a dreaded long Transmission delay and you will be able to take snapshots only, no videos are recorded or saved. All in all it’s a good fun quadcopter, but do not expect too much out of it.

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