LIVE CogSai Salon on the future of drones (recorded)

LIVE CogSai Salon on the future of drones (recorded)

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Tommy Leung, Yonatan Zunger, Sai & Daniel Starr discuss the future of drones, both military and civilian. See Tommy’s post on automated lethality @ & living under drones @ for background information, and Daniel’s quick hits @

Please participate! The live broadcast is over, but you can still share and discuss in your own posts. 🙂

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If you can transcribe this for our hearing impaired / deaf viewers, please email it to Sai. You’ll get credit and our sincere thanks.

The Salon is a series of on-air Hangouts of informal intellectual conversations. We’ll aim for about one discussion every couple weeks, with ~3-5 varying people in each.

Topics will be things that do not have available definitive answers, yet are crunchy enough to discuss thoughtfully; where having multidisciplinary conversants would be beneficial to the conversation; and on which we have something new to say and explore. We’ll probably address traditionally controversial topics (e.g. religion, politics) also, so long as we can have an interesting, reasoned, non-flamey, non-superficial discussion about it.

Each Salon discussion will be preceded by an expository public post laying out some basis for discussion. Membership in the Salon is by invitation only, but it’s easy to request an invite: just tell a Salon member about an interesting public post (yours or another’s) that would make a good seed for discussion. If enough of us want to talk about it on air, we’ll invite the author to join us in doing so. See for more details.

Help us caption & translate this video!

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