Monday, 18 February 2019

Meet The British Military’s Drone Racers

What Is Drone Racing?

Drone Racing involves flying hand-built quadcopters at speeds up to 90mph (0-60mph in 0.3 seconds), with a live video feed from the drone into goggles worn by competitors.

However, the first-person sport requires more than lightning fast reflexes, it also calls for an interest in science and engineering.

Chief Tech Brian Barrett, whose race name is ‘GeekEye’ said: “It encompasses all the sort of science, technology, mathematics, STEM, the big buzz word at the moment within the armed forces. 

“It’s a rush, just pushing forward on that pitch axis and throttling up – you’re flying, you’re proper racing. 

“I joined the air force as an aircraft technician, to work on helicopters and it’s exactly that really… it’s just going to get bigger.”

The Royal Artillery’s drone racing team were involved in ‘Ex Science in Action’ in October 2017, introducing 160 Army cadets to drone racing and the science and technology behind it.


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