Mini Drones: 5 Amazing Facts to Know About Mini Drones

Mini Drones: 5 Amazing Facts to Know About Mini Drones

5 Amazing Facts to Know About Mini Drones. Mini drones are new emerging technology for defense purposes. Why mini drones?

Fact 1

Mini drones can be referred to drones which are small in size, drones which can reduce their size upon instruction or drones which are portable.

Fact 2

These mini drones are capable of and are designed to work in such a way that they transcend conventional drones, these drones work similarly as their equivalents only in a superior way by superior we can outline the main attributes of these mini drones such as portability and their ability to not be seen by any adversary in covert operations.

Fact 3

Mini drones are not an anomaly to this, mini drones are engineered to perfection as these drones are tasked to work in exigent conditions, hence must be reliable and mustn’t fail in critical times.

Fact 4

These mini drones were made to aid military personnel carry out their missions in a better way as these mini drones ranged from drones carried by infantry men or by man –portable UAV’s which can be launched like a man-portable-air-defense-system.

Fact 5

Although there were several drones made by different countries over the span of time some mini drones require a special mention, they are

Stanford Mesi Copter

EADS “Tracker”

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