MJX Bugs 3 Pro 5G WiFi FPV GPS RC Drone 720P HD Camera UAV RTF

MJX Bugs 3 Pro 5G WiFi FPV GPS RC Drone 720P HD Camera UAV RTF

MJX Bugs 3 Pro is a 5G WiFi FPV Quadcopter with GPS. Its available with 2 choices of 5G WiFi FPV Camera for you. A 720P or 1080P Camera. Both cameras do a very good job with Stills and videos recording.

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MJX Bugs pro offers 22 minutes of flight times on single fully charged battery, and has standard GPS features like:

GPS Position hold,
altitude hold,
Auto return to home,
Signal loss and low battery RTH,
Auto Circle Point of Interest,
Follow me,
waypoints and Draw a path feature.

Bugs 3 Pro claims to have a 600 meters control range but WiFi FPV range is limited to 100 meters only due to interference in the areas. MJX Bugs 3 Pro offers a superb, very stable and beginner friend flight performance and is a very reliable FPV Aerial Filming Quadcopter for budget.

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