NAB2017 The New Drones, New DJI Gimbal – Ronin 2, Cedence Remote, and Premium Customer Service

NAB2017 The New Drones, New DJI Gimbal –  Ronin 2, Cedence Remote, and Premium Customer Service

This bonus episode of Ask Drone U highlights the reaction to the new DJI equipment, new drones and more. This podcast discusses the downsizing of drone representation at NAB2017, in addition, the lack of competition against DJI. This show will also discuss the new DJI customer service program and what benefits it includes at the hefty $4,699 price point. WE discuss the new DJI cedence remote, the antenna tracker, ronin 2 gimbal and more.

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00:27 – Paul introduces Jason to listeners
01:25 – Discussing how the drone market has evolved over the years
02:00 – Who were the drone manufacturers present at NAB 2017?
02:45 – Discussing how monopoly stifles innovation and market development
03:56 – Will DJI’s new platform lead to a more accurate mapping system? How much will these new platforms cost?
05:43 – Will the timeframe between DJI releases become longer and longer?
06:19 – We review DJI’s new customizable remote control that can be used with the Inspire 2 and Matrice 200;is it worth the money?
08:43 – Learn about about the various benefits of DJI’s Tracktenna; is it worth the buy?
10:00 – Will the CrystalSky monitor work with third party software?
11:04 – Discussing the new DJI CrystalSky monitor
12:30 – We share details of DJI’s premium customer service
13:18 – Are there any drawbacks to DJI’s battery rental service?
14:06 – Discussing the device repair and backup service offered by DJI
15:22 – Learn about the airport lounge access that you will get with DJI’s premium service
16:09 – Can you preorder new products as a DJI premier customer?
18:06 – What is the cost of DJI’s premium customer service?
18:52 – Pros and Cons of new DJI’s goggles
21:21 – What do we think about Dobby, the drone?
22:47 – Jason shares his contact details

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