Hi, how are you? Today I'll open this drone This is the drone Syma – X8W we buy Inside This should be the manual In English There's the drone You're releasing the sticker

Until it's heavy beautiful Then what is this? Loader These are propeller guards Has got four What is this? Are they cables? This is not the adapter to use in Brazil? Energy cable On the other side There are several things like control Toy control Very large Cool huh? And behind Go small batteries Eight propellers came This is a set Then there's another reserve set, so it can break all right! haha Legs What is this? Is it put on the remote control? Ah! Got it Serves to put the cell in control Sound seems to come out Loader It's written loader Does not sound come out? Charger

what charger? The camera The precious drone camera Comes a screws and a tool to assemble the drone It is! I'm going to ride! Actually before this X8W drone I was training with this smaller and lighter drone Maybe I'll show video I did with this drone We had problems with battery Could not record, one of the drones neither rose But next time I want to record with the drone on the beach, sea, landscape of Okinawa There are lots of mosquitoes here Wait Then until the next See you Goodbye!

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