***NSFYE*** Flight of my DJI Phantom 3 Standard 09-09-19 (2.7k) (2)

***NSFYE*** Flight of my DJI Phantom 3 Standard 09-09-19 (2.7k) (2)

***NSFYE*** Flight of my DJI Phantom 3 Standard 09-09-19 (2.7k) (2)

Flight took place (launched anyway) in the airspace near a socker pitch, a group of three baseball diamonds, and a canal located near the intersection of N. Barton Ave. and E. Dakota Ave. in Fresno CA. USA at 1:11pm PDT on 09-09-19 (or, “2019-09-09T13:11” or “2019 09 September” or even, “Sep. 09, Twenty Stick-Seriously-Fracked-Up-Stick” if you prefer).

I chose this location specifically because last night there were a number of “bouncy houses” for young children to play on and in located inside the fenced-in socker pitch. Since there were no people (adults OR children) there, I once again swooped in for a closer look.
Looks to me like all of the bouncy houses have been dismantled; leaving only a few bits of “shrapnel” in their wake.

Weather conditions at flight time were mostly sunny, temperature was 84°F (28.9°C), and winds measured with my stupid sodding “MERGE sign yellow” portable digital “windometer” (as JD from JD Quad in the UK calls them even though the bloody things are actually called, “anemometers”) 😉 were generally clam but with occasional gusts variable to 9.90mph (15.94kph) at the surface.

Light some candles, draw a refreshing (but soothing) bubble bath, and immerse yourself in the sweat dulcet tones of some nice relaxing Metallica. 😉
This product is not audio (sound)-sensitive in any manner; the music may safely be ignored or even muted if it ticks you off or makes your ears bleed.

*THE FV¢K?!?*
Metallica has *NO SWEET DULCET TONES* (well, except maybe in the instrumental songs, “The Call of Ktulu” and, “Orion”) and is most certainly neither *NICE* nor *RELAXING!!!* 😉
It’s like whammy pee to the ears of many!!! :-O

I added, “***NSFYE***” (Not Safe For Your Ears) to the video title because not everybody who comes here to watch drone vidz is a metalhead and would appreciate the unwelcome surprise earwhipping and subsequently won’t appreciate seeing all of those bloody Q-Tips or used aural tampons*** floating in their toilets or finding empty bottles of ear bleach languishing in their bathroom waste bins or lying on the floor in front of their lavatories (bathroom sinks) along with that dented can of silver spray paint and the paint-soaked sock that fell into the bog earlier this morning and they missed the wastepaperbasket when they tried to throw the yucking fucky thing away. 🙂

This product is not audio (sound)-sensitive in any manner; the music may safely be ignored or even muted if it piddles you off.

La un peu grosse fleur de cul (LE FAGOT BAISANT) que vous voyez avec le cache «pirate» noir stupide vous assoyant dans le fauteuil roulant électrique baisant fait sauter avec «muet comme une boîte de marteaux» les batteries mortes sacrées dans cela est le pilote – moi évidemment ! {The somewhat fat ass blossom (THE FV¢K!NG F46607) that you see with the stupid black “pirate” eyepatch sitting in the blasted fv¢k¡ñg electric wheelchair with the “dumb as a box of hammers” gosh darn-diddly-arn dead batteries in it is the pilot — me of course!}

After the ~18 minute flight at an ambient temperature of 84°F (28.9°C), motor temperature was measured at 97.7°F (36.5°C) on my Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Noncontact IR Thermometer.

Battery temperature was measured at a slightly toasty 127.2°F (52.9°C) with the same thermometer approx. 70 seconds after landing and measuring its temp shortly after measuring the motor temp — I fumbled with disengaging the battery for nearly 20 seconds).

More info. on my website about the DJI Phantom 3 Standard at the “windometer” (anemometer) that I used at the Anti-Collision Strobe at the Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Noncontact IR Thermometer at and the landing apron at

* Unlike EDM (which is not a real thing according to the group Far Too Loud), aural tampons *ARE* a real thing: :-O

Miners do not appear in this video. Whether they’re mining gadolinium, nickel, bauxite for aluminum (that’s, “aluminium” for you UK viewers), plutonium, liquid neon, zirconium, sodium, ruthenium, copper, palladium, potassium, gallium, hassium, indium, talgonite, peresium, sulfur neutronium, radium, cinnabar for mercury, manganese, zinc etc., you ain’t gonna find em here folks!
(YouTube has this thing about miners appearing in videos for reasons as-of-yet known) 😉

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