Onagofly Smart Nano Drone (WARNING) Watch this First! 🤯

Onagofly Smart Nano Drone  (WARNING) Watch this First! 🤯

The rebranded Onagofly Smart Nano Drone is a quadcopter now produced by Force1 and claims to be a 1080p HD Mini Camera Drone with GPS for Beginners that can fly Outdoors or Indoors.
The Drone is available for around 250. at Amazon.com

This drone uses a phone to fly and doesn’t include a controller.
It doesn’t have image stabilization nor obstacle avoidance.

I found the flying to be unstable; however, I believe this is because the props didn’t screw on correctly. To my surprise, it was very difficult to put the props on. The screw inside the prop places into the motor and the motor is set so low in the drone that it’s very difficult to line up the prop and you can’t tell if it’s on all the way. Very strange sensation you don’t know if it’s on correctly. It felt like if I kept turning the prop it would have stripped the threads and came off. It didn’t feel secure.

The app was strange. It took me a long time to figure it out. And flying and response was laggy.

I just didn’t like it. Sad because it has potential, but the only thing I can figure is the creators just wanted to make money and didn’t care enough to put out a quality product.

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