(lively music) – Oh man, it's like all rainy and Well I didn't realize that I was apparently in Seattle Welcome to Huston, Texas (lively music) Is that my only option? (music continues) All right, while that heats up This is Part Two of the Plan

Now what I mean by that is, part one would have been back at that abandoned mall in Milwaukee when we were scouting that location for the holiday video (music with fingers snapping) Now part two of this plan is actually meeting the guys and girls who are going to be shooting this, because it's a collaborative effort, and we all need to collaborate, and kind of be on the same page with the tech we're using and the style that we want to show, and the style that is expected of us So that's why I'm here in Huston, Texas today I'm here for one day I'm literally, I got here super late last night and went straight to bed, and I'm leaving today, goin back home, so another one of those just quick in and out trips, but today I'm very excited, because I am going to Drone-Works

Now in the last video, this happened – It's just a camera stabilizer Nothing fancy, but the cool part is that the core of it is the Note8 So basically, you get a cinema camera type of look out of a cell phone and it's shooting a log profile, so you could actually get like a few extra stops of range out of it I mean it's still a phone, but, I mean it's as good as it could possibly be and stabilization is insane, dude

– [Peter] And you have the ND on it Yeah it's a variable indeed just easy running guns set-up – And everybody wanted to know, everybody was asking me, where is the dude's channel with that janky little drone that he made and all that cool tech for the Note8 Show me that guys channel Well, I'll do you one better, let's go look at this workshop

All right here, we'll do one last courtesy sip, because I need something in my system (loud slurp) We'll do two Oh, that's just not good All right, that's all I can give ya That's all I can give ya, goodbye

I wish you and I had a better relationship (upbeat pop music) All right, time to find this place, but it is raining more than it has rained back home, like all summer Maybe not all summer, but it's raining pretty bad – What's up, dude? – Good to see ya – Long time

– I heard this is good weather for drone flying – Oh, it's lovely Yeah, welcome to Huston, it's 40 degrees and raining (laughing) – [Peter] Ah, look at that Dude that is killer

Both of all of it Wow, look at this, this place is huge Wouldn't you know, Justin has a Chem-X Ahhh, let's do this (lively music) (coffee beans grinding) This was literally, best case scenario

(music continues) Oh, so much better than that hotel, Ooh, okay now we can start the day You guys gotta see this place, it's gonna erghhhh It's gonna blow your mind Let's do it I made coffee if you want any

– Awesome – [Peter] I made it I made coffee, if ya want any – Thank you So, yeah

– [Peter] I made coffee, it's fresh It's a fresh pot I don't know if you drink coffee, but I made – Sweet elixir, yes – [Peter] (chuckles) I made a fresh pot – Thank you – [Peter] I know you have no voice, but I made coffee It might help

– Yes – [Peter] It's Chem-X too, so it's good – Awesome Good, yeah – I aah

– You made coffee, I know – [Justin] Yeah, okay (energetic electronic music) – [Peter] This is the one you guys flew Casey on

– This is the one that Casey flew off a cliff in Finland on – It's so much bigger, like the scale doesn't translate – She's huge Yeah – That's a coaxial hexacopter, so – [Peter] Wait, wait, wait, a what? – Coacial hexacopter That's pretty nerdy, I admit It's a drone – [Peter] Did you make up that name? – It's a drone

No, I mean (Peter laughs) – So this exists? – This exists It's designed specifically for the Gear 360, so everything's built around flying this in the best possible way you can

This camera's not modified at all It's stock, I mean, you can get it on Amazon, I think for $190, or something now, and this whole system was built just to put this camera in different places So, this things fast, it's nimble, it's safe – [Peter] How fast is it? – So, we've taken it to 40 miles an hour, which honestly is faster than you probably want to move a VR camera anyway, but it's fun as hell and it sounds incredible It's predictable, you can just land safely, no big deal

Whereas, like a quadcopter, if it gets hit by a bird, you bump it into a tree branch, or something it just, as I'm sure a lot of you know, it hits the ground instantly – I crashed my drone last week – It happens, it happens to the best of us – You were to come back during the testing time – [Justin] Yeah

– Testing time is like – [Justin] Stressed me out so much – Oh, it's super stressful – You just kill it mid-flight, you're like, all right and we are up, we are air born, turn it off – Well, you have to know when it's gonna fail or what it does when it fails

Otherwise, you don't want to trust something like this in a commercial setting around people, or even actors, and people who are part of production You know, we've never had an accident on set We've never lost an aircraft on set She knocks on wood, 'cause she's superstitious, but I believe it's because we spend so much time, and money, and effort fail-safing these things – [Peter] This looks like a small, little, baby version of my ATV (Justin laughs) and I must have it

– This is, essentially, the same thing, but for street, so we can drive this around in here I guess queue the slow mo footage, or whatever – [Peter] Oh hell, yeah we can Oh, we are 100% driving this in the rain – So much fun

It's got a video transmitter – [Peter] Well, where? – The transmitter's back here It's got a video camera right here This is a hacked – [Peter] Oh my goodness, look at that's so small – We hacked it, so we can see what the car is seeing without being near it, so we can drive from sitting here around the entire building, we can race around, I mean it's fun (car tires squeal) – Oh, hell yeah Yeah, buddy

(laughing) – [Justin] Oh, let's stick something on that for sure – [Peter] It will be fun, DIY – [Justin] Is that gonna work? (energetic country music) It's gonna work We're rolling Gorilla Tape and a Note8 – [Peter] It's all you need

– We're ready to rock (fast paced country music) (tires rolling) (music continues) – That was amazing – Any time I turned, the back would just go like – [Peter] Aah, that was amazing (electronic country music) (music with lyrics) Okay that was a super, awesome, successful, super fun day at Drone-Works This guy is incredible and then he turns around and says, "Let's go get some brisket and Texas barbecue" "in a McLaren" (laughs) What? That's the coolest thing ever – Crazy situation, one of my friends who rents these exotic cars, his name's Stan by the way, this guy is a fan of yours

Turns out, gives us this crazy car (Peter laughs) Never driven anything like this before in my life and he's like, yes, Peter's comin, make it happen – Stan, you the man, dude

Thank you, this is incredible (laughs) – How do I even open this? – [Justin] Oh yeah, he had to show me – [Peter] Dude, I legit don't know how to open this – [Justin] He literally showed me this morning There's a little hidden button

Just push here – [Peter] Yeah – [Justin] And then pull up – [Peter] Is that the, ooh whoa That is so cool

Where I put my backpack? – [Justin] Oh here Backpacks apparently are, it's in the hood – [Peter] Woo hoo hoo, fun! – [Justin] Yeah, I think it was good, damn Yeah, good – [Peter] I'm getting your home

– [Justin] Good, all right Epic, let's go eat (electronic music) (car racing) Dude, it smells so good right now – [Justin] Yeah, it's good, man – [Peter] Look at this door

– [Justin] This is the real deal (electronic music) – All right, should we get back in the beast? – We gotta do it – Let's do it (car engine revs) (light electronic music) – When you have a car like this at your disposal it's imperative to find a nice grungy environment, preferably with a beautifully cinematic wet floor, in this case parking lot, and take lots, and lots, and lots of pictures Ah, so that's exactly what we're gonna do

Justin's just been positioning this, back and forth, and we're just trying to get as many IG Bangers as we can because, come on! It's so great Did you see the doors? This way, stop, turn the wheel Stop right there, love it, nailed it! All right, I think we got the shot Goodbye incredible car Stan, (laughs) you are the man for hookin that up

I owe you a beer when I see you, if I ever see you, but thank you, that was amazing, you're the best, goodbye Okay, that was an extremely busy day It was an extremely fun day All the planning is done They are gonna load up now, 'cause they got tons of stuff to load into massive trucks and I am going to go back to the airport and fly home

(electronic music) To the airport, please – [Driver] Oh yeah, sure – All right, let's go home All right, United Club, it's been great It is officially time to go home, all right

(electronic music) It's about midnight Just got back It's really cold I forgot that I forgot to bring a jacket, 'cause it's like minus 3 here, but what a long day I am absolutely exhausted, aah

So, it's good to be home though, despite how cold it actually is But now the plan is two stages complete The final stage is the shoot itself, and folks looks like we're shapin up to have quite the collaboration Thank you to the guys at Drone-Works Those guys were amazing

Such a cool team, so thank you for having me and letting me play with all of your crazy equipment I've linked their stuff below, so you guys can check them out, and you'll see more of them in the blogs Totally thought there was something hear to lean on (laughs) You'll see more of them in the blogs in the coming weeks But that's about it for me, folks

I am super tired It's been a very long day, and I'm headed home to go to bed The only thing that's left is to get rid of this parking ticket, which I'm starting to collect them, so that's how I get rid of them Peace out, I will see you guys in the next video (energetic music)

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