PowerVision PowerEgg Drone Full Review | Drone Footage 4K

PowerVision PowerEgg Drone Full Review | Drone Footage 4K

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PowerVision PowerEgg Drone 🛒:

One thing that I love about the poweregg 4k drone review is the way it looks and the work that went to making this work everytime it does look like a dinasour egg than tripple click the power it retract the legs and it becomes a cool looking drone that will have many eyes on.

One thing to consider whenever you are buying a drone especially when they claim its 4K but it ends up being a 720p camera, I am speaking from experience I had a drone around the $1k which had that. But the PowerVision PowerEgg truly has a 4K camera 3-axis Gimbal which takes some amazing Drone Footage 4K as you can see on the video.

The app has update a few times since I have had the PowerEgg Drone it has added some more features which I like. From the app itself there are some changes you are able to make which definetely improve the 4K Drone Footage you take by adding more control to the smoothness the camera moves.

The drawback of the PowerEgg Drone are if it is windy it does tend to move the camera keep in mind the drone doesnt fly away from you 🙂 even at high winds it stays in place which is awesome you are only able to notice the sudden movements on the footage which I am assuiming has to do with the 3-axis Gimbal, I did calibrate the gimbal a few times still the same results

If you plan on buying the PowerVision PowerEgg Drone keep in mind that you must choose the best channel to take it the distance because some channels dont perform as well, so you will need to manually choose the channel that best fits you on the app which is pretty simple to do one click as you can see on the video.

The flight time I was able to get would be around the 20minute range which was great this was on a nice day not much winds. I will be posting more videos of the Drone Footage 4K over at



Max Flight Time Approx. 23 min
Max Flight Speed 13 m/s (professional mode)
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 4,000 m (13,123 ft)
GPS Mode GPS and BeiDou
Wind Resistance 5 level
Max Descent Speed 2 m/s (Professional mode)
Weight 2,100 g (4.6 lb) (battery and propellers included)


Image Max Size 4,254 x 3,264 2,840 x 2,160 2,560 x 1,920
ISO Range f/2.8 G;100 – 1,600 (Video); 100 – 1,600 (Photo)
Sensor 1/2.3″ CMOS
Max Video Bitrate 60 Mbps
Supported SD Card Types Max capacity: 64 GBClass 10 or UHS-1
Lens FOV 95° 22 mm (35 mm format equivalent)
Shutter Speed 8 s to 1/8,000 s

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