Public Forum – Nov-Dec 2019 – Cyber Operations

Public Forum – Nov-Dec 2019 – Cyber Operations

In debate, the best defense is a good offense. So let’s go on the offensive and hack the secrets of the November-December topic: cyber operations.


Definitions and Framework 6:10
Pro Arguments 27:00
Con Arguments 51:29
Final Thoughts 1:09:35


Department of Defense 2018 Cyber Strategy: %20DoD%20%20SUMMARY%20FINAL%20Aug%202018.pdf

Smeets 2018, The Strategic Promise of Offensive Cyber Operations:

Rebecca Slayton 2017, with an excellent theoretical breakdown of offensive versus defensive advantages in cyber operations:

Pomerlau 2019, on even Congress not having full info on cyber ops:

National Security Archive 2019: These are declassified documents on how DOD initially planned to set up offensive cyber operations. In case you want to do a really deep dive:

The Free Internet Project 2019, describing Operation Synthetic Theology against Russian disinformation center:

Wikipedia entry on Stuxnet, a U.S.-Israeli cyberweapon used against Iran:

BBC Timeline of Stuxnet attack on Iranian nuclear program:

Schmitt 2019, Just Security, on international law and norms for cyber ops:

Center for Strategic & International Studies 2019, handy list of cyber attacks:

Rand Corp. 2019, on undeclared cyber wars and sophistication of U.S. rivals:

Guardian 2018, on Russian cyber attack against chemical weapons watchdog group:

Time 2019, summarizing Russian election interference, including cyber attacks:

Thomas Rid 2013, Cyberwar and Peace: Hacking Can Reduce Real World Violence:

Smeets and Lin 2018, on how cyber operations give opponents the chance to back down without humiliation:

Reuters October 2019, on using cyber ops to retaliate against Iran without escalating violence:

McConnell and Vogler 2016, Center for Naval Analysis, outlining Russia’s view on cyber ops:

Elad Ben-Meir 2017, on cyberwar with non-state actors:

Lachow 2016, on private sector role in offensive cyber ops:

Council on Foreign Relations 2018, on how companies may do their own offensive ops if USFG doesn’t do it for them:

Cato Institute 2019, with an excellent overview of theoretical arguments against cyber operations:

Sebenius 2017, on blurring lines between defensive and offensive cyber operations:

Lindsey 2019, on real-world escalation:

Greenberg 2019, How Not To Prevent A Cyberwar With Russia:

Bommakanti 2018, on cyber operations reducing nuclear deterrence:

Smeets October 2019, on lack of framework within NATO:

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