REGLAGES et ASTUCES pour un super rendu video avec vos drones

hi friends we find ourselves today for a video about the renderings of our videos once the editing done so many times i think you are would say my video is nice but by against it lacks a little something at the level of the color of the sharpness of the detail of the picket so I'm going to give you the settings that I use I do not say that it's the ultimate parameters that everything the world will love that's what me agree I let you watch from three plant extracts I could do if you like these plans the details who will follow are for you are going watch So, if you're still here is that the videos you liked and you are eager to know the settings that I use so there is no fifty settings against cons just apply them for sure I apply finger and eye to the letter or as you finally want that's what I apply what so first of all the setting you put in 4k so you're going filmed in 4k that does not mean that you are going do your 4k mount export to otherwise you will do it in 1080 I explain why in 4k you go to have an image that will be four times larger than native 1080p gold when you go to switch the 4k the convert to 1080p you will keep four times more details the four more details than the 4k allows you to have like my son but so that you are going to have a image four times more detail four times more accurate with a better click on the myth 82 you'll converted compared to native 2080 I hope you always follow me then the 4k that allows you to do zooms so today six pieces of to film in 1080i in your editing you you stretch the image you are going to have some big pixels it's going to be disgusting while if you use the 4k you can zoom up to 200% without losing of image definition in 1080 so that's it may not be bad when when you are a little bit of a of complexion of a point of interest that you have to film from afar because maybe there are people who already pay in below you do not have the right to you approach it can be a good point so that's this is the first thing filmed in 4k then there are the settings on the on the magic so mavic settings in the settings you go in the color you will put yourself in to draw like that is to have a picture which is the possible flat price to be able to touch after in post prod then you have the white balance the white balance and never in auto never because when you filmed following language that you are going to have with your throne and the position of the sun and ben if you are in the car the camera will automatically regulate the balance whites and that will make you differences in the image and that is going to be disgusting so the white balance is either cloudy is sunny depending on conditions with which you want but it's imperative then you will have the settings of contrasting sharpness so saturation for me the sharpness I put it to +1 contrasting saturation unless you see on your image rendering that does an image that is relatively gray which is not very detailed but that it does not matter because afterwards you will make the changes in post in post prod and you're going to have a result that is top then to have an image rendering that is nice it is imperative that you approach your videos 2 of the high level of the shooter so the singer it's going to be with the opening when I'm going to film your singer must be the double game nor good about double the number of image per second at which your movies and if for example you film in 25 frames / second your singer must be at 1 50 yens why is the human eye it is veiled the motion blurs to have a something that comes close to what the to be something real for the eye must be 150 and 1

56 you are in 25 images this all for a motion blur for example in the in the presentation you saw the jet of water but I have whose drops are seen who fall it does not shock the eye if your singer is too high and well you are going to have the detail of the drops and it's not that it's real for the hour so that's the point then I have my list below because that still a few things to say the iso so the iso always at closer to 100 it's a rule for have good brightness and then what we are talking about we talk about ndé filters so we come back to the shooter if by example you put in automatic and that you see that your singer is at 1 of 1600 so you will need a ndé filter to reduce it to 1 if 50th you shoot in 25 frames / second with the undercover n'de 32 you made 1600-1632 so 1610 by 32 that's fifty so you will have a 50th and it works like that for that just to do the little math and can put himself in the optimal setting then once that you will have that me I use ndé filters that are polarized I use that why for the reason because I find that the filter polarizing beyond removing glare on the water on the windows finds that the polarizing will bring out the details of the clouds of the reliefs of the weapons mountains and then at the level of skin that close once you will have finished I find that you have a like a better image rendering that has me amazed a depth and I find that rather nice and lastly you have the application of struggles so the struggles it was setting colorimetric which are done in automatic when you buy packs of the udc or you download it I you do not recommend fight packs free I tested tons of the image is just disgusting you have some struggles that are paying you especially have those olive trees schmid who are very good who I do not not because I prefer images a little bit more saturated I found the struggles at polar pro the electra pack title and that's satisfied at 200% is the one that I use in the videos you have seen at first and I find that he has a made really really really nice I hope this video has more than I did not lose you on the road in my explanations tell me what you think about it and make me a little back if you liked it leave me a thumb a little comment to ask questions if I was too fast if you have people more details and then subscribe do not forget that subscribe to the channel to see the next videos that I'm telling you go next for new videos new tutorial go hi

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