[Review] Flytec TY T5 WiFI Foldable Camera Drone – a good summer 2018 fun toy?

[Review] Flytec TY T5 WiFI Foldable Camera Drone – a good summer 2018 fun toy?

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Toy-grade quadcopters that cost around 50 bucks have always been attractive and every year there are upgrades and nice features that we get on top of older models.

As usual – unboxing comes first. Probably the worst package I’ve seen this year, and although it seems to having had a lot of tough moments during the transportation – no harm done to the drone. So it is at least a safe packaging. User guide has its Chinese and English version. But if you’ve ever had a drone of that kind before, flying will be easy.

The left stick controls the height and orientation, the right one is for choosing the direction of flight. And buttons for takeoff, landing, headless mode and trim corrections. There is a video and photo button. Note that recordings are being saved on your smartphone – there is a dedicated app and it is the only way of recording, as there is no card slot. Conveniently you have a smartphone handle. Powered by 4x AA batteries – it won’t run out of power for a long time.

The Drone
Taking a closer look at the drone makes me very happy! This is a battery with lo-si connector. I know – very basic and not of spectacular capacity, but it is extremely affordable and easy to find. You can get packs of five for less than 20 bucks!
The folding mechanism is not that bad. Comes with locks, and the overall body weight is very low! Even if you crash it often, it is unlikely to break.
There are of course LEDs – to give you better idea about the positioning and direction of flying. You noticed the wifi antenna, and the 720p camera.
Spares are included – only two props though.
The drone turned out to be shock resistant (not official and based on my own experience) – and – of course – do not push that too much – foldable mechanisms done out of cheap plastic are not the most reliable ones.
You won’t be too impressed with the camera. 720p is reasonable for such a small sensor, and in good light it offers not too bad quality, which is on par with models of that price range.
The good news is related to the FPV– the real time video which you can watch on your smartphone. I feel it is a serious step up compared to last years models like Visuo xs809w, or even the Jetblack – I had almost no drops and the range was stable for up to 15 meters. In that sense – the app does a good job.
Considering the size of the drone – the prescribed 50 meters are more than enough and of course I will put that on a test. Not that I expect miracles – just want to find out whether there finally is some improvement compared to last years’ champs.
So that has been the story of the Ty-T5. Fully loaded with awesome features and offering excellent flight performance. It is great to see a model for which it is hard to find many remarks. But because we are now used to get a lot of extras – I hoped to see better packaging, and more importantly – hoped to get a nice carrying bag like the one on the jet black.
So here’s what I’m going to ask you: if a friend assigns you with the task to buy a drone within 60USD, what’s going to be your pick? Does the Ty-T5 qualify? I am looking forward to find out your verdict, thanks a lot for watching.


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